Kattoo – A Temporary Tattoo

Kattoo is a brilliant idea – a temporary phone number tattoo which you can stick on your child.

KattooKattoo tattoos are for children, and a great idea, and really simple.

You peel off the backing paper of the tattoo.

Place it on your child’s skin making sure it’s clean and dry.

Put a wet cloth on top to seal the tattoo onto the skin.

Peel off the backing paper.

Allow it to dry for a minute.

Write your phone number in the space provided.

That’s it – how simple?


I like the idea as we often lose things, so having a band with this kind of information is handy, but you can almost guarantee we’d change our number if H had something like that- whereas with a Kattoo you’re writing whatever is current.

H tried it out today and it stayed strong all day, no cracks and my handwriting was still readable.

We’re going to Lollibop in just over a fortnight and will be using our other Kattoo tattoo we received in our BritMums goody bags – and I’ve already ordered another pack as we have some local fairs coming up in the next few weeks.

Things you need to know about Kattoo:

A pack of six costs £5.99 (the website says free UK Shipping)
They come in six different colours, with an ‘if I am lost’ message with a box to write your phone number
They are safe, non-toxic, FDA Certified and CE Certified. They’re also latex free and cosmetically safe.
Depending on your skin type a Kattoo will last 2-5 days.
Kattoos are UV blockers, so you don’t need to put sunscreen on your Kattoo area (though make sure you put it around it, obviously!)

We had a few comments today from people who spotted H’s tattoo and could see what a brilliant idea it is. While I know she’s the kind of child who doesn’t tend to run off, there’s every chance she could, so knowing there’s a way for her to tell someone where her mummy and daddy are is a good thing. I would recommend these.

I received a sample pack of two Kattoo Tattoos in my BritMums goody bag.


  1. I tried them but it’s very difficult to write your phone number on as they are quite small and my kids don’t sit still so it just ended up an unreadable mess


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