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We don’t get away very often, but when we do I’ve often felt our house is a little exposed and it looks obvious we’re away. A light switch timer is always an easy option when you want to make your house look like there’s someone at home.

light switch timer

Light switch timers are one of those things I’ve looked at and felt like they’re really complicated – fitting things onto a light and with us renting, would it be the kind of thing we’d buy and have to leave in a house? This timer from Switched On Products is great and it’s so simple to set up as well – providing you have the correct kind of light switch. It won’t work with dimmer switches or any you need to twist – just the ones you press. The main point is, it needs no wiring to work – which for us is a huge selling point. It took around a minute to set up. Oh, and it works with all kinds of bulbs too – as a lot of the more complicated timers don’t work with energy-saving ones.

To get the light switch timer in place you need to loosen the back of your switch unit to allow it to fit behind (there are full instructions that come with the unit – you need to remember to switch off the power supply of course!). Make sure the rollers on the back are correctly aligned so they can activate your switch, then add the batteries and set the timer! If you need to switch on your light outside of the timer, you can press the on and off buttons. The battery part is easily removed if you’d rather just use your switch.

light switch timer - back

Sounds simple doesn’t it? And it is. I left the programming to Shaun who found it really straightforward. I jumped the first time the light switch timer worked – the noise of the rollers flicking the switch is quite a noisy one, but that’s not a problem! It’s a really simple solution – and is something which is about to be accredited by the police – as far as reviews and recommendations go, that has to be the best for a product like this!

That isn’t all – I have a special discount code which is valid at the Light Switch Timer site until the 15th December – there is a special online launch price of £27.99 online, and if you buy two you can save an additional 10% using the code Lights-on .

Actually, it’s probably best explained with this little YouTube video we made :

We received the Light Switch Timer for the purpose of review. All opinions are our own and honest.

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