London Science Museum

We met with friends yesterday at the London Science Museum in Kensington. Most people I’ve spoken to say they don’t know where it is, and indeed we were the same until I realised we’d walked past it loads of times – it’s next door to the Natural History Museum, so easy to get to.

The London Science Museum is huge too – and has a fantastic kids area. Actually, they call it a kids area, but us adults waited for the kids to finish so we could try the things on offer.

London Science Museum

My personal favourite – a hologram of a watch which H fell for three times before she got really cross with it. I may be a cruel parent by standing back and watching her trying to grab the pretty watch while laughing – but I loved how she learnt things that I could never teach her.

There were various lenses to look through so you could see each other through them, huge great big lenses and chin-rests so you could see everything, as well as so many other things on offer – I figure some pictures may describe what is on offer better than I can. Dry ice melting in water, and different liquids with bigger bubbles depending on their velocity. A bubble wall! A sound frequency which I tried to recreate my tinnitus on (it was close). A straw you could bite on a piece of wire, stick your fingers in your ears and you hear music (how?!)!

London Science Museum

Next to the kids area is a Red Arrows Flight Simulator – with a smaller one that H aged kids could do (for £2) – the larger simulators are two to a pod and over 9’s only. H was more than happy with her kid-sized ones!

We headed downstairs to The Garden which had more things for kids, but younger ones (0-6 years) – from a play area where you could do plays, to musical areas, to kaleidoscopes and a fantastic water play area with waterproofs for kids.

London Science Museum

We finished off in the design area where there were plenty of interactive things you can have a go at (such as making kaleidoscope style pictures) and a section on 3D printing where someone had the brilliant idea of doing a 3D print of a child’s picture – genius!

The London Science Museum has loads to do. We spent almost five hours in there and barely scratched the surface. H was upset as “we need to do more” (she did the most) so I know we’ll be back.

The London Science Museum is free admittance, with additional costs for some exhibitions. The shop is brilliant with loads of choice and interesting things to buy – I found several things I’d like to get for myself. There’s also plenty of food choice and for us it was quiet which is good! There’s decent buggy and wheelchair access if you need it, and several lifts around the building too. Their website is here.

London Science Museum

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