Making Money, Part One

So short you missed it, I’m sure. I spilt the tiniest bit of water onto my MacBook keyboard and it stopped working. This is not a good thing when you’ve lots to type about, especially when mid-sentence you start typing complete nonsense even though you’re hitting the right keys.

Fast forward to the end of the week and here we are with a new MacBook Pro – which is lovely. We’re doing the Amazon Family deal so got free next day delivery, plus they’re selling the MacBook Pro for £100 less than Apple does in their store – anything to save some money!

purple keyboard protectorNow we’re on a quest to sell things and make money back to cover the costs of the new laptop (and I’ve also bought a thermoplastic cover for it to protect against future spills – like I’ll have any liquids anywhere near this computer right now!!) – so the first stop is Music Magpie.

We’ve used them for a few years now – I often find I have the problem of too many CDs – and sometimes I need to get rid of some. All you do is put in the barcode and you’ll get a value. I used to sell CDs via Amazon, where I’d get more money but you’d have to wait for someone to want to buy your it rather than getting a (lower) value instantly – plus Amazon is a good backup when Music Magpie don’t want your CD or don’t have it in their databases.

All you do is put in the barcodes, package up the CDs, print out the packaging labels you’ll get emailed (or posted) and take them to your local post office or pickup point, and wait for the money to be credited to your account. In the past we’ve taken payment by cheque, however this time I’ve opted for a bank transfer.

It’s really easy to do, and even better, I’ve now got a bit of space. Oh, and it’s a good use for all that Amazon packaging I seem to be accumulating too….

Do you have any good suggestions of places to sell things and raise a bit of cash?
Let me know in the comments!


  1. Facebook itself has selling pages. Usually for your local area. The good thing is you name your price rather than any haggling and they come and collect. Also no listing or selling fees so you keep all your pennies yourself. lol


  2. Amazon do a trade in service where they give you amazon vouchers for your old items (plus free delivery).


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