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I know it’s linked on the frontpage, but I’m sure nobody reads it – did you know there’s a Mum Friendly group where I end up asking tons of questions, and get loads of helpful replies? It’s over here.

I just wanted to bring this up, as H has had some awful night terrors lately – waking up and screaming. It all came to a head when we were at a friends house, just about to settle to sleep and she started – and it would go on for twenty minutes or so – sometimes longer. We were at our wits end, I was tired out as I was talking to her in her dream to let her know I was there (most of the screams were “Mummy! Mummy!” type ones) until her subconscious kicked in and she drifted off again. It’s not fun.

Sometimes she’d wake up and come into our room as there was a wasp in her room. We knew it was in a dream and she was still partially asleep, but try convincing a scared toddler of that.

Magic WandWhich brings me to the solution we’ve found works for us. Naomi suggested it, and although we didn’t make one, when we were staying with friends we were by the sea – and there’s loads of cheap shops where all the things you could ever want to buy (and the rest) are. Including a light up magic wand (as we now call it).

Every night I cast a spell, and every night H sleeps through, pretty much. We’ve not had a single night terror since I started casting spells (they’re obviously very sophisticated). We’ve also had minimal wakeups in the night.

So yes, thank you Naomi – I’m passing on your fabulous solution to whoever may read this now who could find it useful. Good luck!

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