Never Talk to Strangers by Irma Joyce

First published in 1967, ‘Never Talk to Strangers’ by Irma Joyce is as relevant these days as it was back then. The title says it all really.

‘Never Talk to Strangers’ tackles stranger danger in a way a four year old won’t find scary. With simple rhymes to show the difference between knowing someone and how to behave, versus not knowing someone that a four year old would understand, this is a good place to start when the subject arises.

If you are swimming in a pool
and a crocodile begins to drool,
Paddle away and repeat this rule –
Never talk to strangers.

Each rhyme is based around a character (usually an animal) and always finishes with ‘Never Talk to Strangers’. It introduces someone who isn’t a stranger by being someone that someone else knows, with the book finishing in a positive way.

The illustrations are nice, bright and colourful and most importantly of all, H enjoyed reading it (and joined in with me).

Our version of the book was published by Random House Children’s Books in 2009 and bought via The Book Depository for £2.49 via Amazon.

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