Panasonic WiFi Camcorders

Panasonic WiFi Camcorders look pretty amazing – they have WiFi capability – it connects to your home WiFi connection. Lordy. You realise what this means? I’m still getting my head around it – a camera which is like your iPad but has proper hi-definition good quality. I’m impressed – we do a lot of Skype chats with family in York and Australia – it’s the best way to keep in touch – and more often than not our camera gives poor results.

You can even add emails to alert family members when the broadcast is starting. This appeals a lot – the amount of times we have to make quick calls around the world to make sure everyone is online and ready.. I think a Panasonic WiFi Camcorder may be on our Christmas list for this year!

I received compensation for putting this video on Mum Friendly

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