Peppa Pig Meets The Queen

Peppa meets The QueenOn Monday 4th June we’ll all have a Bank Holiday in the UK. On Tuesday the 5th we will too, as the Queen has been kind enough to have her Golden Jubilee and give those of us who work on Tuesdays an extra day off. Seeing as things are all set to go a bit football crazy, then Olympics crazy, we may as well go Jubilee crazy too, and who better to meet the Queen than everyone’s favourite pig, Peppa?

The episode is showing at 8.15am on the 4th June on Channel 5’s Milkshake, and then it’s followed on Nick Jr. at 6pm, and if you missed that then there’s still Tuesday 5th June at 8am, 12pm and 5.30pm.

We appear to have a huge Peppa Pig fan in the house (no surprise there, I’m sure we all do!), so I picked up the ‘Peppa Meets The Queen’ book yesterday, which is now available – and if you can’t wait until June, then the DVD was released on the 21st May. We can wait, we have the book…. (I think)

The Queen and Peppa splashing in muddy puddles

Keep an eye on the official Peppa Pig World Facebook Page which will have a Jubilee Colouring in sheet to download soon too – they’re getting in on the festivities good and proper!

Anyway, if you don’t already know, then you might wonder what on earth Peppa is doing going to see The Queen. It appears that The Queen has taken notice of Miss Rabbit and how much work she’s doing, and wants to give her a medal, so everyone gets the day off to go and meet her. You’ll be pleased to know muddy puddles and bossy Peppa both feature in the episode too.

Now we’ve just got to wait a couple of weeks to get to watch it… ohh yes!

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