Polesdenopoly – post-christmas frivolity for all the family

Families who love board games and a good walk during the Christmas holidays can combine the two at Polesden Lacey. Polesden are launching ‘Polesdenopoly’, a life-sized take on an old classic game!


From Boxing Day onwards, players can make their way through the gardens and estate, attempting to become millionaires by completing fun challenges to earn Polesden pounds when playing Polesdenopoly. Players should elect the bossiest person as banker and cheating is widely encouraged, but only when the banker isn’t looking. To play you must bid to snap up your favourite Polesden beauty spots and the person with the most property at the end wins the game and a delicious prize. Yum!

Lauren Milsom, Polesden Lacey’s events officer, explained:
“Christmas is that time when family and friends come together and play corny old board games after the Christmas pudding has been served. We wanted to offer something to prolong that festive cheer. Polesdenopoly is good old frivolous fun, it’s a good excuse to be silly together.”

One of the challenges, entitled ‘Become a comedi-hen’, asks players to perform a chicken-themed one minute long stand-up routine for their fellow players. Just in case you haven’t had enough of bad cracker jokes by then, suggested gags include ‘What’s a chicken’s favourite book?’, answer: Great Egg-spectations (by Charles Chickens).

Polesdenopoly is launched at Polesden Lacey on Boxing Day and runs until Sunday 4th January. Suitable for children aged 7 – 75. Normal admission prices apply plus £5 per group of players (maximum 5 players to a group).


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