Porridge On Tuesday – an Update

Porridge on Tuesday is a healthy eating plan I’m working with as an Ambassador.

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Porridge on Tuesday has loads of delicious recipes and is helping me organise my life at the moment – when I can’t get things done there’s still one thing that needs to be organised, and that’s food.

I went a bit off-track the last couple of weeks with trips away and other things, but I feel like I’m back and on the case. Fortunately I haven’t put on any weight in the process.

I have made a few lifestyle changes. One thing I’m going to write more about soon is sleep and my general lack of – so I now only drink coffee on weekends and Wednesday when I’m off work. When I’m at work it’s water all day – I need to stop relying on it to keep me awake.

I also haven’t been drinking as much – we’re not big drinkers but cutting out alcohol apart from once a month (when I knit) as well as the no coffee has made me feel much more alert and ‘with it’. There was an unofficial Porridge On Tuesday July dry month which I kept to pretty much, apart from when I went to York and my sister forced me to drink  a pint invited me for a drink in her pub.

One of the things I’m finding is that I can lose the weight, but I still see myself as the big girl in the background – some things don’t change. You don’t lose weight and a magic wand makes everything okay, so I’m working on the other things one at a time.

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ANYWAY. Without further ado, I have organised my plan for next week, starting Tuesday. Being a creature of habit I have my breakfast and lunch logged as I keep to the same things, with the Porridge on Tuesday meal ideas for the evenings, as well as healthy snacks for through the day. My plan runs from Tuesday every week and we’re out on Friday and Saturday so I haven’t planned anything specific.

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I’ve placed my Ocado order so I’m ready. We’re eating a lot of salads at the moment thanks to the previously mentioned Salad Wine Box so this makes things much easier and quicker. For me, I can see Porridge on Tuesday really working for me once H starts school and I’m finishing work at an earlier time every day – giving more time to prepare food in the evenings. While the meals I do are quicker ones I feel like a little more time will benefit us all.

I’ve kept Friday blank as we’re at Lollibop and I’ve no idea what foods will be on offer there – but I want to be healthy. I figure I’ll do plenty of walking too so I’m getting some exercising, as well as bopping to Rastamouse…

Porridge on Tuesday can be found over here.

I have been provided with twelve weeks free to use the service and give my honest opinion.

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