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Porridge On Tuesday - I am Here

Porridge on Tuesday is a new website with healthy recipes tailored to your diet and helping you organise your life (and food cupboards) – and I’m proud to announce I’m an Ambassador!┬áIf you’ve followed my weight loss challenges over the last few months then you will already know I’ve done pretty well following Weight Watchers. I didn’t make it to my target of 12 stone (I got to 12 stone 2, so I’m not beating myself up here) and I’ve been in ‘maintain’ mode for a while now.

Porridge on Tuesday is going to help me get organised. More often than not on Weight Watchers I’d stick to food I know, and I need to branch out a bit while keeping my food healthy and easy to make in a short space of time. Luckily their website is set up to do just that.

I put in all my current information – including my previous medical conditions (diabetes, high cholesterol issues) and my current weight and height, plus waistline. My ideal weight has been set at 10st 9 which is quite a lot to lose so we’ll see how we get on. I’ll be happy if I could get below 12 stone and have tastier food (disclaimer: I’m not saying Weight Watchers wasn’t tasty, we made some lovely recipes with them) – and I particularly like that you can generate a shopping list based on the recipes.

Firstly, you need to set up an account. That’s straightforward and you decide which programme you want to be on. I opted for ‘eat well and do more at my current weight’ as I don’t need to lose a lot more weight but I could use better stamina and be toned a bit more. After that you need to meal plan. That can be time-consuming, but already there have been some delicious dishes I’ve seen pictures of that I want to try. I’ve been vegetarian for 30 years, whereas Shaun and H eat meat (when Shaun cooks it) so our dishes will be vegetarian ones unless they opt for meat. It’s a simple click and drag process to choose the foods you want, and the calorie content is taken from your daily total.

Porridge On Tuesday Meal Plan

After that there’s exercise – you mark when you can do anything (I’m not sure if running for the train every morning counts, but I may well log a two-minute sprint) and you have calories set for the day.

Porridge On Tuesday overview

Unlike Weight Watchers your calories aren’t broken down into points – this is proper calorie counting and initially I’m finding myself dividing everything by 40 to work out a rough points value as it’s what I’m used to. The choice of recipes are constantly being added to, so I’m looking forward to trying some things out.

So, here we are – a new weight loss journey. I found I worked much better doing it publicly last time, so here’s hoping the good work continues!

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  1. I LOVE how visual this is, and that you are working with us for the next part of your weight-loss journey.


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