Potty Training – Dry Like Me Pads and a Giveaway

Dry Like Me pads are great. We received a sample at the Brighton Baby Show, and having shown them to a few mum friends now everyone is pretty much in agreement – it’s a great idea and why wasn’t it thought of sooner?
Essentially the pads are like panty liners, designed to catch a wee at the early stage – something we’ve become more than aware of since we’ve started potty training – H will start to do a wee, feel the wet and tell us in a kind of get-me-to-the-toilet-now tone of voice. That’s one set of pants plus some trousers that need to be changed, and after a while the washing starts to mount up. This is where the Dry Like Me pads come in – they sit in the pants, and when they get that first bit of wee, the bit I like to now call the ‘two minute warning’, they’re aware and even better, their pants and trousers (or whatever they’re wearing) aren’t spoiled at the same time!

For pooey accidents you can place a pad in that area too – it’s not just for wee.

We think they’re fab – H has been sent to nursery with a box, which baffled a lot of the staff, but they get it! A box has 18 pads which isn’t a huge amount, though truthfully you’ll probably find you might only need a box or two and they cost less than a pack of nappies (which probably have around the same amount in them!).

The added bonus is that if your little one is a bit leaky at night, these can help, if they’re likely to wake themselves up and realise; though they’re definitely not nappy replacements. You also get a little pouch to carry them around with you. We’ve found them most effective at naptimes or times when she might forget she needs to go (ie, if she’s playing with friends) – and even better, I’ve a box to give away, plus five sample packs.

To stand a chance of winning we wont make you work too hard, just tell us as a comment here why some ‘Dry Like Me’ pads would be a good thing – one lucky winner will win a box, the runners-up will win a sample. You can buy ‘Dry Like Me’ in most supermarkets – though we’ve found they tend to be the bigger ones. Sainsburys and Asda have both had them on offer quite recently, so they’re worth looking out for. Also, if you’re not already following them on Facebook, their link is below – tell them we sent you! We’ll draw the winners at the end of January, so you’ve a couple of weeks to enter!

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The Dry Like Me Official site with tons of information and a handy pdf guide

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