Potty Training – We’re Still Going

Okay, so I was being optimistic having just January and February as my theme – this one is going to go on for a few months, I’d imagine. Nothing bad, but there’s so much out there right now which deserves a mention – you may have a toilet trained child, but there’s always the scope for accidents.

I’ll post up reviews when we’ve had more chance to use them, but some solutions (as suggested by some lovely ladies on the Mum Friendly Facebook Group) for those random occurrences you don’t think about initially follow…

Piddle PadWe’re facing a long drive this coming weekend – which is fine – but I don’t want to go back to using pull ups for the journey – I feel like it’d be a backward step, and generally H is pretty good (apart from nights). I was looking for a washable pad which could be placed on the car seat, in case of accidents when you can’t just pull over and deal with it – and the wonderfully named Piddle Pad does just that. Waterproof on one side and lined on the other, washable – so you don’t end up having to wash your whole car seat cover – it’s a great idea, and hopefully we’ll be reporting back good things.

My Carry Potty

H chooses Her Carry Potty

Last weekend was The Baby Show, and I finally bought a My Carry Potty – there’s a few portable options out there – I didn’t fancy the toilet seat which packs down flat as the bags seem expensive, and I wasn’t sure about the other option which is like a snake, but which packs down really small (as H is quite particular!). Fortunately she loves going on the potty (as well as the toilet), and as we hit Croydon on the way home she announced she needed to do a wee, and wanted to go on the potty – so the potty was christened, and she held on for a few minutes while I found somewhere to park (something she couldn’t do back in December/January time) – and best of all the potty seals so you can dispose of when you get home. This may come in handy when we’re between service stations this weekend… can you pull over to the hard shoulder and have your little one do a wee? H loves carrying it too…

Finally I can’t even remember if I’ve mentioned the Baba & Boo Potty Training pants. They’re SO good. We’ve been using them since before Christmas – we bought the ladybird and the bee ones, and both are so cute! The bee especially – and worthy of a proper review as we’ve used them for so long. H’s nursery want her in pull ups for naps (hmmm), and once they run out she’ll be sent in with a pair of these instead.

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