Project 365 Week 13

Sunday 22nd March. We’d set aside today to go to Limpsfield Common as it’s not far and the National Trust Surrey Hills Facebook group had posted a picture the previous week of a new trail. It didn’t disappoint. H loved Peter Rabbit’s Post Office and I liked being outside where I could breathe. She left a letter for Peter Rabbit to say she liked his house and a few coins in his postbox so hopefully the volunteers can make some more!

Peter Rabbit's Post Office Limpsfield Common

Monday 23rd March. At Rainbows all the girls had to find some Easter Egg prints outside in the grounds around the church. Once they’d all found two each they could exchange them for one of these. H was pretty happy with that!

easter basket

Tuesday 24th March. Back to normal. Our last swimming lesson for this term before H’s class changes. She was awarded her Water Skills 2 badge which she was delighted to get – she had the happiest smiliest face. Her lesson had them doing relay races at the end, and she did half a length of front crawl without any bother – I knew she could, but with the pool being a bit deeper she has panicked a bit in the past. This all bodes well for her getting her Stage 3, although I think it’s still a bit of a way off yet.

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Wednesday 25th March. Borrowed the Spandau Ballet DVD ‘Soul Boys of the Western World’ from Craig at work – it was excellent. The amount of old footage when the band first got together with commentaries from bandmembers from the start makes it a really good retrospective – and they don’t skip the court case either which is good. I was never a massive fan (I was more of a Durannie) but I could really appreciate them and where they came from with this. Recommended.

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Thursday 26th March. Popped into Tiger Stores at lunchtime and they have glitter glue for glue guns, so I had to buy some. Pretty!

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Friday 27th March. End of term. Had to leave early to get to H’s school, and as usual my train was stupidly delayed, getting in at almost sixteen minutes late. School closed at 1.30 and the train pulled in at 1.29. Annoying. Southern Trains have been awful lately. I booked us tickets to see Frozen Fever & Cinderella, then we followed that with tea at Pizza Express. H designed a pizza for their latest competition and was very pleased with it.

Pizza Express competition

Saturday 28th March. We spent the day cleaning and clearing things. Nearly all of H’s baby clothes have gone to the local Cash for Clothes place, all the money is being put towards a trampoline for H this summer. We made £25 which I’m pleased with! But I don’t actually remember taking a photo. Having said that, there wasn’t really anything to take a photo of, so I’ll leave this day blank and edit if I find one.

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