Project 365 Week 14

Sunday 29th March.¬†We had a lazy Sunday as the weather was rubbish and we didn’t want to go out, thinking the coming Easter weekend would be nicer. Well, it is, but it’s still not great! H built a den and left us this sign. “Private – only children. Please do not disturb or punishment” – her handwriting looks pretty bad as this is a pen where the nib moves in when you write which quite frankly, I can’t write with at all.

h sign

Monday 30th March. She has grown again. As we rent we can’t really keep much of a log of H’s height which will stay with us forever, etched into a wall somewhere. We can still make pencil lines in a doorframe though, they’re easy enough to paint over or rub out. 127cm. She’s only just five and a half. Sigh.

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Tuesday 31st March. Every time we go to my friend Jos’s house for a party she has these amazing cheese balls – and this time I took a photo of the packaging, found them at Ocado, ordered them and made them myself. Added bonus they’re Gluten Free – and if you add dairy free cheese then it should be good for people with those issues too (read : Shaun). So I made some for H and my girly night in on Tuesday night. Shaun was busy working late as it was the Accounts Year End.

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Wednesday 1st April. I had today booked off work, and was envisaging a lie-in, but H was having other ideas. Our main plan was going to see The Sound of Music in Wimbledon. The play was wonderful. H was so well behaved, considering the first half is an hour and a half long – and she really enjoyed it too. Her first proper musical on stage!

the sound of music uk tour h

Thursday 2nd April. I was up through the night being sick so didn’t go into work. I had felt a bit weird at The Sound of Music so whatever it was decided to let me know we weren’t agreeing. We’re starting to get leaflets in from all the local councillors and I couldn’t help but notice the irony in this one. Sorry to get political. As a Facebook friend pointed out, there are enough people who didn’t bother to vote, who if they voted Labour here (assuming they’re not bothering as they’re being told not to) would actually mean Labour win. Which of course is a big assumption, but food for thought. Also, this is the same tactic used here five years ago, and look what happened then. SIGH!

Lib Dem Election Campaign

Friday 3rd April. Good Friday. We were lazy, I was eating again, we watched a couple of films – the first Harry Potter and the first Freaky Friday. We painted some corks to make some bees for H’s home learning project for school.

cork bees

Saturday 4th April. A trip into London. We decided to go to the London Transport Museum as we’ve never been – so headed up to Victoria and walked there via the Shaun the Sheep trail which is on at the moment. We spotted seven of them and walked from St James’s Park up to Trafalgar Square, on to the Museum then over Waterloo Bridge, finishing at the London Eye (and fortunately we’d taken our Merlin Passes with us so went on there to have a sit down). This is my favourite picture of H, I’m getting a print of it as she looks so happy.

H bus London Transport Museum

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  1. wow, she is tall – poor Isaac is 7 next week and only 107cm! We have a height chart pinned to the door so we can take it with us :0)


  2. Lovely photos. That last one is wonderful.

    I really must book a day off work and take N to see the Shaun trail. Those cheese balls look great. Good recommendation.


  3. I downloaded the Shaun the Sheep app yesterday, can’t wait to take Betsy on a trail. I love how you went to the London Eye just to have a sit down, reminds me of taking Boo to Whipsnade Zoo just to use the soft play. Love the private sign.


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