Project 365 Week 17

Sunday 19th April. Well I had plans for today! H was tired as she didn’t get to bed until 10pm, and Shaun was tired as he was hungover. So it was an extremely lazy day. I went into the loft for the first time ever! There is SO much of my stuff up there – it really needs to go. Interestingly, we found more of H’s baby toys and I’ve sold quite a few locally now which is good. After a while we realised she was being really quiet – to the point we didn’t know what she was up to. Seems she’d found a new book to read, and was on the section ‘how are babies made’. She was a bit embarrassed about being caught reading it, which makes me think she’s read something and it has blown her mind. She’s not ready to talk about what she has read yet. At least she knows Mummy and Daddy both don’t know what they’re doing either?

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Monday 20th April. Back to work, back to Rainbows and back to chaos. I like the chaos – we’re working for three badges this time at Rainbows too – crikey. One of the girls who left last term came back with some biscuits for all the leaders, so I got some absolutely delicious ‘blisscuits’ – yum!

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Tuesday 21st April – I made soup and blogged about it. This is about all I can remember about today – that and scheduling loads of blog posts which have appeared in the last few days – I found a lot in draft from last November when my back went again, so I’ve been updating and publishing. Whoops!

souper booster

Wednesday 22nd April – I picked H up for the first time in ages and took this picture of our reflection in the window – not the greatest photo but not the worst either.

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Thursday 23rd April – The latest Guy Fox book was delivered to us, and H is really enjoying reading about the Magna Carta. I really love the Guy Fox books – if you sign up to receive their newsletters you are sent free copies of their books, so we’ve one on how our Legal System works and one on the Economy already – they’re a charity and they’re awesome. You can find them here.

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Friday 24th April. The calm after the storm. H had her first playdate without me after school, with four of her friends. I am enjoying the peace of sitting catching up on blog posts and life, and counting down the minutes until I go to pick her up. She bumped her head on Thursday but was fine at school on Friday – thank goodness. We got some Annie goodies which H thinks are the best thing ever – her Sandy dog is her new most loved thing.

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Saturday 25th April – so we were meant to go to Great Fosters on Thursday for Afternoon Tea, which didn’t happen as we got the call from school saying H had a bump on the head. This resulted in a trip to A&E for the first time for H, where she was given the all clear. We rescheduled for Saturday, but would have to up the numbers to three as H would be joining us. We spent two hours eating and easily another hour and a half wandering around the grounds – if I have the time it’ll be a Country Kids post.

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