Project 365 – Week 33

Sunday 9th August. We went to see Horrible Histories Barmy Britain part 3 at the theatre. I thought I was being clever getting us seats second from the front, but oh, silly me. We were in fact the front row. Which was fine, but being long sighted I had problems focusing as it was pretty much in my face! But it was excellent. Here’s H.

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Monday 10th August. After the horrible fire we took H to Halfords to size her up on a bike. She’s tall enough for a 24″ one now – scary. She’s a big girl.

H new bike

Tuesday 11th August. This one is a complete cheat as I did take it on Tuesday, but the aftermath of Monday meant I didn’t post it anywhere until Wednesday. Shaun took Monday off to get a smart meter fitted at home, and we have a little gadget which tells us how much power we’re using. This has made us realise some things use a lot of power, and we’re really cutting back. Interesting, though.

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Wednesday 12th August. Found some Minions Kinder Eggs. Bought two. Didn’t have time to eat them.

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Thursday 13th August. Found time to eat them.

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Friday 14th August. Stayed here. It was spacious, warm and quiet, and part of a cunning plan to beat the M5. It worked.

Wooden wigwams

Saturday 15th August. Stopped at Trellissick as we beat the M5 and arrived in Cornwall nice and early. H did a few more of her 50 Things tasks!

Picking apples


    1. Too much other stuff going on with the neighbour’s house fire (they lost everything) – am much more on the case this week 🙂


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