Project 365 – Week 41

Sunday 4th October. We had our Harvest Festival for Rainbows, so popped along to that. W had a quick stop in the park afterwards, where happy child enjoyed the swings.

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Monday 5th October. The latest Anorak Magazine arrived – and now it’s just finding the time to read it.

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Tuesday 6th October. So at church on Sunday it came to light H has never heard the Lord’s Prayer. She doesn’t go to a religious school so there’s no reason why she should – but it did get me thinking, as the majority of her Rainbows friends do know it, as they do attend a religious school. When my mum gave me a load of my old books, one of them was Lucie Attwell’s Little Book of Prayers – and I dug it out for H. So now she can learn it, and I don’t feel quite so bad for not being religious enough. Or something.

Lucie Attwell Prayers

Wednesday 7th October. Had a fabulous delivery at work today from Disney – a box full of Star Wars goodies and books for Star Wars Reads Day on the 10th October. A damn fine delivery too – as some of the blokes at work said “I wish maths was as interesting as this when I was at school” – they’re not wrong!

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Thursday 8th October. When your pals all have Star Wars costumes but you don’t, there’s only one thing you can be at a Star Wars event – a Star Wars kid. These leggings from Next help – a LOT.

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Friday 9th October. Having a Star Wars fun night with H’s friends in preparation for Saturday. We love this pic of her pal M “reading” his book!

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Saturday 10th October. H’s football was on first thing, followed by me going to South Kensington to Dyson’s showroom, to see the Dyson v6 and what it was capable of. I tell you one thing it is VERY capable of – getting glitter out of the carpet. Even our 12 year old Dyson can’t do that (although it is probably due a bit of TLC what with being that old). A very enjoyable afternoon, which I spent the entire time wearing a badge which should have been given to another blogger called Jo. I’m so dozy I didn’t realise until I got home. Whoops. Early night for me then! 

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  1. I don’t get the whole Star Wars thing but hubby and the boys are obsessed with it! I have a V6, they’re fab aren’t they!


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