Project 365 – Week 43

Sunday 18th October. I was sent some Snazaroo Face Paints via Mumsnet to try out some Halloween faces. While I’m sure the face painting brigade won’t be calling on my services any time soon, H loved her vampire face. I thought I did okay, but I need to work on getting the white paint thicker.

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Monday 19th October. Good sisters (me) buy Seagull Droppings chocolate from Seasalt for presents (for my sister).

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Tuesday 20th October. My sister in law no longer lives in China, she’s in Viet Nam. However, my mother in law did get around to posting some things for us she picked up when she visited. Pee Pee Boy now has a friend.

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Wednesday 21st October. My serious skater child. The top she’s wearing is an age 4-5 – possibly the first and last time she’ll wear it. She wanted to wear it with just tights, and I had to persuade her otherwise. While she has lovely long legs, it was just that bit too short… looks cool with denim shorts though!

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Thursday 22nd October. Caught on my train journey into work on Thursday morning, over Mitcham.

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Friday 23rd October. We had an inset day! I had booked us a hotel in Warwick a while back, so got a good £30 deal, so we decided to drive up to Warwick Castle, in the hope there might not be too many other Inset Days, plus the Halloween activities weren’t due to start until the following day. The gamble paid off – we got to Warwick Castle at 11am and left just before 5pm and it was really quiet. We did almost everything – though missed a few presentations around the grounds. H’s topic at school has been about castles this last term, and we still have another castle trip planned this half term too. With our Merlin Passes it was free to get in, the food came to around £15 (all you can eat buffet), and our hotel had a food deal on in the evening too.

Warwick Castle Panorama

Saturday 24th October. We had a Shakespeare Day. Stratford Upon Avon was just up the road, no more than ten miles at most. While H is still young, she’s had a fabulous book of Shakespeare which breaks all the stories down into cartoons, which she reads from time to time (current favourite Romeo and Juliet). We bought a Five Houses Pass to visit as many of the properties as we could, and managed three. Fortunately Vouchercloud had a deal where you could get a ticket free to the same value of one you’re buying, so H got hers for nothing. This saved us around £50 and meant we got to Shakespeare’s Birthplace, Anne Hathaway’s Cottage and Mary Arden’s Farm. All of them were wonderful, and we all learned a lot. I’ve been in the past but didn’t remember a lot about it – so it was good to revisit.

Shakespeares Birthplace

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  1. love the use of inset days t get them out and about and expand on their education, both with the castle and Shakespeare.
    Face painting looks god, practise makes perfect.
    She looks good on the skates, an art Bob has not mastered yet.


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