Project 365 – Week 47

Sunday 15th November. West Run London day – and it’s probably a good job I couldn’t take my camera with me. A photographer positioned himself in front of H and I and took a picture, never to be shown. Well firstly, we didn’t get the free Fun Run t-shirt everyone had (we got a number, mind) – though I’m hoping that will arrive in the post soon. It was a well-run event with changing rooms (I’ve never seen that before!) and goodies from Wholefoods afterwards too. Our sponsorship total is almost at 100% as well – and H and I ran the whole ONE mile which is quite an achievement for me, and H has never done anything like that before. Next stop Race for Life! Oh, and I’d recommend West Run London – but just make sure you get your t-shirt at the event.

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Monday 16th November. Achey. Busy work. The District line has trains like on the Overground – you can get on at the furthest carriage and walk all the way up to the front!

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Tuesday 17th November. The latest Okido arrived!

Okido November 2015

Wednesday 18th November. A Lovely album. Played a lot in the office, and I weakened and bought it. I don’t buy albums very often, so they have to be special.

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Thursday 19th November – The Elves are in stock at Tiger Stores! Just £1 and much prettier than the ones on a shelf!

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Friday 20th November. H got the class bear. We need to make our lives interesting for the next week. Super proud she is Star of the Week (she did well in her maths, she said other kids did more than her, but I pointed out it’s not about comparing herself to others, it’s about doing what her teacher wants her to do and getting it done accurately). So I’m happy with that!

H and clouds

Saturday 21st November. Blogfest 2015! So much to do, so little time. Brilliant content, yummy food, skipped the awards bit (as I didn’t really care) and hung out at the bookshop instead. My phone takes terrible photos, although this one at King’s Cross came out well. Not sure why. I attended the photography session and I’m going to get the DSLR out again and have a proper play, as it has taken a back seat this last year or so.

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