Project 365 – Week 48

Sunday 22nd November. A trip to Igtham Mote, a National Trust place in Kent that we haven’t visited, which was really charming and all set up for Christmas. Oh god, it’s Christmas soon. Good job I’m vaguely organised. Where is this year going? H took her class bear and we got a few photo opportunities.

H & Clouds at Igtham Mote

Monday 23rd November. Morning! A pink and blue kind of morning to wake up to, heading on my commute to work. Getting colder.

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Tuesday 24th November. So Shaun and I went through everything under the stairs, recycled loads and gave away some toys that H has forgotten about. Relief! Space! Which will be filled soon with more things I’m sure. I found my lovely Snoopy which I had back in the 1970s – H wants to adopt him. I’m having none of it. She cackled “hahaaha one day this will be mine anyway. WHEN YOU DIE!!!!” which was a bit weird.

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Wednesday 25th November. I don’t remember Wednesday this week. Although H’s friend came to play after school, but I won’t be posting the pic as I don’t have his mum’s permission to do so – just take my word for it.

Thursday 26th November. I really resent having to buy costumes for H for school because I don’t have the time to make them. Fortunately a local selling group on Facebook had this wonderful costume for sale, so she will go to her year’s Christmas event dressed respectably (otherwise she’d have been relying on my needlework skills – I got a CSE4 in it…)

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Friday November 27th. H wrote this poem about fireworks for her home learning from school a few weeks ago. She worked on it well, after writing loads of words which reminded her of the fireworks, sounds, smells, feelings, we looked for ones that rhymed and she wrote this poem.

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Saturday November 28th. I woke up feeling weird, my ear making a banging noise – not good. So I did the sensible thing and we took H to football. Mid-way through Shaun went home to get the car, it was THAT cold. Sensible move. H stood in goal, and was sweaty hot – she did get some running around. Someone needs to make clothes suitable for football mums like me…

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