Project 365 – Week 49

Sunday 29th November. We went to the Cinema to see The Good Dinosaur (it was sweet! Fun, not too scary for H) and bought some bits afterwards in Sutton, including H’s first dressing gown, as modelled here.

dressing gown

Monday 30th November. Rainbows. I have just completed a second row of badges on H’s Rainbows shirt. Considering she still has two terms left there, it’s going to be one seriously full shirt by the time she leaves!

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Tuesday 1st December. And so we’re off again – the elves are up to no good. As usual I’ve forgotten to plan anything, so we’re making it up as we go along – a bit like life!

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Wednesday 2nd December. I made this! My first proper crochet attempt at following a pattern. Did okay. Have probably forgotten most of it though.

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Thursday 3rd December. Sneaky Advent Calendar chocolate binge eating so you don’t have to share with anyone alert. Well it is a Lindt one.

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Friday 4th December. I appear not to have taken a photo today. Not sure why…

Saturday 5th December. Spotted there were previews of the Snoopy & Charlie Brown movie happening at all the cinemas locally, so took H – we loved it. A proper family kind of movie with nothing scary and many many nods to the Peanuts gang I grew up with. I approve big time!

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