Project 365 – Week 5

I have lots of commenting to catch up on – it has been a crazy week at work which has had me asleep most nights by 10.30 – so not the most exciting of weeks. I even forgot to take a photo on Tuesday. I did take one for a review we’re working on, but that felt a bit like a cop-out.

Sunday 25th January. We haven’t put H’s toys back in the space which was occupied by the Christmas tree – we like the space. It’s nice not being overrun with toys too. It also means she has a great corner to sit on her bean bag and read. She’s right next to her bookcase – an Ikea Billy one which is packed full of books – so plenty of choice.

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Monday 26th January. My week of meetings began – from 9.30 every morning until I left for the day, with just 30 minutes for lunch. Add to that all our after school activities and by Friday I was pretty shattered. The previous day I bought a Ukelele (and why not?) which is living under the stairs until the appropriate moment. H’s grandad suggested she gets it sooner so she can learn some tunes by her birthday (which is still well over six months away)

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Tuesday 27th January. I didn’t take a photo. It was a crazy day – meetings, trains running late, new swimming lessons, Pilates, finding time to eat (and being sad over our broken Soup Maker which seems to have seized up). I woke up on Wednesday and remembered I hadn’t. Oops.

Wednesday 28th January. Our first Wednesday without swimming. So we did a fashion parade instead to cheer ourselves up.

fashion parade


Thursday 29th January. We had snow! Shaun built a snowman. This amused us greatly! The snow was a bit rubbish.

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Friday 30th January. H sending Shaun an email at work, as we had run out of apples. “Dear daddy please can you get more apples love H” – short and to the point. The fact she’s sending emails at five, can spell (okay, the words aren’t that tricky) and knows how to send them still blows my mind.

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Saturday 31st January. It snowed! So I rushed outside in my pyjamas and took a picture of the snowflakes resting on a cobweb in our back yard as it looked so pretty.


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