Project 365 Week 7

Another week which has flown by. We have a visitor…

Sunday February 8th. We went to Banstead Woods, trying to get there before it got too cold, as it was such a lovely day. It was nice to breathe again and not feel like you’re walking alongside pollution.

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Monday February 9th. School and Rainbows again – the last one before half term. I was pleased as H chose Oliver as her reading book at school which is great as we’ve recently seen the film. Having said that, she still has it a WEEK later – she likes it!

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Tuesday February 10th. Officially a busy day, Parents Evening at school, H’s swimming lesson not long after that and my pilates lesson after that. Our Morphy Richards Soup Maker broke last week, I bought a new one and this soup is the result – the blob on top is some Coyo Dairy-Free coconut yoghurt. Yum!

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Wednesday February 11th. I told H’s teacher about her dislike of school (even though she doesn’t) and H was a bit embarrassed. So I suggested she does a kind of ‘you’re my favourite teacher’ card, which evolved into a Valentine’s Day card. The best cards are the ones you get to pick glue from your fingers while making, you know.

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Thursday February 12th. So I picked H up from the childminders after school, to find she’s been given Swimmy, the class toy frog. FOR HALF TERM! Normally the children get Swimmy for a week, but this will be two weeks!! TWO. Uuuuh! H is delighted of course, and I’m proud of her for getting it – so much for us getting an easy Half Term! Mind, one part of her home learning was to learn the highlighted words to spell – and she only had one word highlighted which she knew anyway. This and the Valentine’s card are not connected in any way, apparently!

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Friday 13th February. An inset day, and I booked the day off as holiday from work. A lie in didn’t happen as H woke when Shaun left, though I managed to just lie in bed and not sleep, though H insisted on chatting to me. I’m not a beauty blogger but I do buy beauty products, and have recently found the Benefit Boi-ing concealer covers the dark shadows under my eyes AND the cholesterol spots, which lifts my confidence too.

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Saturday 14th February. We took Swimmy to the Farmers Market, then stopped in Carshalton Park on the way home. I love taking photos of The Grotto in all seasons – around this time last year it was flooded and we had a mini-stream running through Carshalton which was weird. It took months to drain as well. Anyway, today The Grotto was just muddy. I love it in all seasons – and love this picture.

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    1. I put Swimmy in the wash tonight 🙂 fortunately he came out intact. PHew!!

      Luckily he’s staying downstairs tonight to dry out!!

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