Project 366 – Week 4

Sunday 24th January. Oh we were lazy today. So very lazy. I was at the tail end of my cold which meant not much coughing through the day, but loads at night. Always the way. Then it miraculously just stopped mid-way through the week. So we had a pyjama day today. I took this photo of H and love it – still tinkering around with the posh camera, you see.

H January 2016

Monday 25th January. Mornings are getting lighter and that’s a good thing.

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Tuesday 26th January. The latest Parragon Book Buddies book to review. H and I spent time putting together the skeleton which came with it. She then spent ages being amazed her body was like that, and feeling certain areas so she knew she definitely did have bones there. She has called him Elvis the Pelvis.

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Wednesday 27th January. Swotting up on Pig here – our review is coming on Tuesday, and H has asked Emer Stamp some questions too – she’s getting into asking authors questions at the moment and finds it quite fun!

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Thursday 28th January. Shaun went off on an accounts jolly to some conference in Birmingham, while I looked after H. Given how tired I was after the cold, we did it, we survived. I could use a bit more sleep, mind. Anyway, she got straight into bed and settled reading another Pig book by Emer Stamp, so I think it’s fair to say she’s a fan!

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Friday 29th January. H had a playdate after school, and these days playdates mean they just stay upstairs while us parents get to sit downstairs and chat. So that was good – I needed to chat, it had felt like a long week. Her friend and H both painted their own nails – this was the first time she has ever done it – not too bad!

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Saturday 30th January. We went for a wander around Carshalton Village. I do like walking by the ponds, especially in this weather.

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  1. Popping through from the 366 linky. Beautiful skies appearing in the morning are the best! Makes it easier to wake up 🙂 I always had my head in a book growing up and loved the worlds they would take me. I hope H enjoys reading for many many years to come!


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