Project 366 – Week 6

Sunday 7th February. Having had a lazy Saturday, we had a busy Sunday, heading to Hampton Court Palace and taking out a Historic Royal Palaces membership (as we intend to go to the Tower of London again this year, H claims she has never been though I’m sure she has – can’t find any photos though so maybe I was pregnant with her). For £90 a year we’ll need to do a few trips, but with the added discounts in the shops (food and merch) we should make our money back – especially with the Tower! Anyway, it was great to go into Hampton Court for the first time and walk around properly (my mum’s family came from Teddington so we’d often visit the grounds when I was little) plus the maze was still difficult – H and I got lost even though I kind of remembered what you had to do to complete it… kind of. Shaun did it straight away of course…

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Monday 8th February. Almost forgot to take a photo so got one of H’s Dream Catcher her nana in Australia sent her.

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Tuesday 9th February. I took a photo of some of my Scritti Politti albums for reasons I cannot go into. But it’s a photo, and it was taken today.


Wednesday 10th February. Went to my knitting group. Realised I’m using different sized needles – quite obviously different sized needles. Whoops.

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Thursday 11th February. Last day of term and Parent’s Evening. H did well as we’d expected and I had this Smiggle light bought as a treat for her for doing well (it was half price in the sale) – it makes a fabulous night light and is battery powered (good when you don’t have many plugs in your room). It works, too.

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Friday 12th February. Again, almost forgot to take a photo, so here’s my Peak update for this week. Still strong on language I see….

peek brain

Saturday 13th February. We headed into Central London, something H and I don’t do very often (Shaun does, he works there), and went to Kensington Palace, somewhere I’ve never been. I’ve been to Kensington itself tons of times, just never the Palace so knew very little about it. It’s on our Historic Royal Palaces membership and I know we’ll go back. One of the guides was casually talking about how one of the Kings who lived there pops by in his ghost form. I’m DESPERATE to see a ghost so I can believe in them, so was kind of sad he didn’t pop by to let his presence be known. We popped into the Science Museum afterwards and went to their Cosmonauts exhibition, and came home shattered. 10,000 steps done today, according to the pedometer on my phone (which is usually around the 3500 mark, so probably not the most accurate, but a good indication of how much walking we did!)

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  1. Looks like a busy week 🙂 I’ve never been to Kensington Palace…hope you find the ghost next time! I love those lights, I grew up using one with the blue UFO base as my night light. Lasted years! Oops with your needles, but I think we’ve all done it! What are you making, looks like lovely yarn?


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