Review – Lindam Safe & Secure Soft Folding Bed Rail

H recently – finally – got her big girl bed after it became obvious she didn’t have much longer in her cotbed thanks to being so tall. It was a huge relief – however – we forgot about one thing. She does tend to fall out of bed occasionally.

We had some friends kindly donate their bed guard which was great – but I did struggle changing bed sheets as it would often fall between the slats on her bed base and not sit quite right – also it was wedged in a bit due to H having a wooden bed frame rather than a divan-style one.

As luck would have it, a chance to review the Lindam Safe & Secure Folding Bed Rail came about – and oh my – it’s perfect for a slatted base.

Lindam Soft Folding Bed Rail

It arrived and isn’t too bulky – it has just the one side but that side folds down (the buttons are quite stiff which isn’t a problem as I’d like to think it wouldn’t accidentally pop down in the night!) – the bed rail requires assembly which I managed to do on my own successfully in under ten minutes, following the instructions which were straightforward.

Lindam Soft Folding Bed Rail

So all that was left was to fit it on the bed. There’s plenty of width on it, so it should fit wide beds, and indeed smaller ones – I think it would definitely fit a cot bed comfortably too. It was just a case of placing it, fitting it and putting the mattress back.

THEN the big test – putting a clean sheet on H’s bed – which was made a bazillion times simpler with the bed rail folded down – and took half the time. The mattress laid flat on the bed, and we’re really pleased with it. Pop the rail back up in time for sleep, and voila, you’re ready.

Lindam Soft Folding Bed Rail

The instructions recommend the bed rail is used between the ages of 18 months to 5 years – and that it’s recommended for mattresses that have a thickness of 25cm maximum. It is suitable for beds with mattress widths from 76 to 100cm and mattress lengths from 141cm to 210cm.

It should also not be used on a sleeping surface which is more than 600mm from the floor and is definitely not suitable for upper bunk beds. Also, when fitting the bed rail you must make sure that you fit it with a gap of 250mm to avoid the risk of strangulation – the end of the bed rail should be level with your child’s shoulder.

Lindam Soft Folding Bed Rail

There are three different colours for the Folding Bed Rail – neutral, pink and blue. They retail for around £20-£25 at various stores (Argos, Amazon, Supermarkets etc). Lindam’s page can be found here.

We were sent the bed rail for the purpose of review – all opinions are our own.

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  1. My little one is still sleeping on his cot but in the middle of the night when he wakes up for his feeding he gets up the minute I put him back on the cot. He wants to sleep beside me on the bed. I have a queen size bed and I just put pillows on his side so he won’t fall. I wonder if they have bed rails for my bed size?


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