Review – Part One – the Flexibath

H was in her baby bath for a long time beyond when she should have been though there’s a reason. She’s a tall girl, but we live in a house with a bigger-than-usual bathtub; It’s HUGE. You could fit two people in there comfortably – which is nice and all that, but when you’re trying not to use too much water, or occasionally need to just have your child have a quick bath, or indeed, your child has an irrational fear of showers, then the Flexibath would be what I’d recommend.

I’ve called this review Part One, as Part Two will come in a little over a month when we’ve had our second holiday for this year – in another holiday home with just a shower – and have had a chance to try it out properly in a much smaller space.

Flexibath Open

H is tall, as I’ve previously said. She’s almost three and well over a metre tall, so regular baby baths are too small for her, and quite frankly, would you want to take a baby bath with you on holiday anyway?

This is where the Flexibath works – it folds down flat, and has a handy hook which keeps the bath flat – perfect for storing in the car, plus it doesn’t take up very much space. My biggest concern was whether it would be too small for H. At a guess I’d say we’ll get a years use out of it (hopefully a little bit more) – so I’m hoping that by the time she’s four this irrational fear of showers will have passed.

Flexibath Closed

You know what the best thing is though? Once your child outgrows the bathtub, the Flexibath can be used as a toy storage container! I think it’s fab – and I can’t wait to give it a proper test out.

Check out the Flexibath – it retails for £29.99

We have been sent a Flexibath for review – all opinions are our own.

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