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I am definitely not a runner. I say this, as this backs up the fact I’m no authority on running shoes – however, I do run daily. Almost every day I’m in a mad dash for the train – and if it’s at home that’s two lots of stairs to get up and down in less than a minute, if I’m at work it’s a run from the bus through Clapham Junction and onto Platform 15.

So the opportunity arose to choose some running shoes to review. So I had a good look at my lifestyle. I do a huge amount of walking – definitely more than running, I love going to National Trust places and I have been known to run occasionally there. Banstead Woods is another place I like to walk around though I fear running in there (it’s hilly and I’m the kind of person who trips over easily) – however, looking at the choice at Sports I went for some which were made for running as well as walking – a good grip but good support too – the description sounded like me!

shoes from Sports Shoes

The shoes arrived quickly and I put them to the test the following day – as ever we were late getting me to the station in the morning, but for the first time ever I didn’t get a shin splint when running for the train – my old trainers were getting past it, but already I can see the importance of paying a good price for some good shoes – especially ones you intend to run in. I’ve found myself running a lot more when I wear them as they’re so comfortable – and when you’re not in pain doing it this is quite important.

Oh, and when you’re forever rushing around like I am, a good pair of running shoes is definitely something worth considering. I found the price reasonable and I’ve already had a lot of use from them.

Another thing I liked on the site was having an explanation about the kind of shoe – I don’t have a clue, but armed with the information there I definitely know I picked the right pair. I feel like once the nights get lighter maybe I’ll give Couch to 5K a go… if Shaun can do it then I can!

 Also, the shoes on offer have some great reductions, so it’s definitely worth checking them out!

I was sent a pair of shoes for the purpose of review, all opinions are my own.


  1. I got some shoes from this site and have had no end of compliments about them. And I have started running too! Couch to 5K has been more challenging than it looks but as long as you don’t mind displaying a purple face from time to time it’s worth doing.


    1. Ooooh well done with the running! I think when it gets lighter I may well give it a try – having the proper shoes makes such a huge difference, I’d never have considered it until now. Ha, I probably have a purple face on the train every morning doing two lots of stairs and a run under the tracks, so I’m used to it!!


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