Review – The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club by Helen McGinn

Knackered? Yep.

Mother? Oh yes.

Wine Club? Crazy. But yes please.

The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club has just been released – and after getting around two thirds of the way around this book, I now realise at the grand old age of almost 43 that I need some proper knowledge about wine in my life. No more will I go to our local M&S and get some of their awful cheap rosé or red and endure it, wondering if I’m pregnant as it tastes so bad and it surely can’t be that bad? (it really was)

The Knackered Mother's Wine Club by Helen McGinn

I now know I need some wines for my wine cupboard too. Yes, cupboard. We have space – it currently holds some random spirit bottles, plus the unopened bottle of Triple Sec I bought in Duty Free once. Actually, I bought it without having a clue what to do with it – and I think that’s the problem with me and alcohol. I mean, I don’t have a problem – I’ll have a glass once or twice a week, maybe a half a guinness in the pub on a knitting night, but never that much – and what I need is education. I have bits here and there, bottles that kind of go together but not quite – I need someone to help me have some order and organisation in my life without making me feel like a bigger fool.

This book has it in droves. I’ve been sitting reading it on the train and just yesterday another mum looked over the top of my book “is it any good, this book?” she said. Whether she’s seen a copy in stores or whether it’s just the really catchy cover which drew her in I don’t know, but it doesn’t sound like it’s just me that needs some help and direction.

See, what I’m learning right now is that you don’t just buy the cheap and cheerful stuff. Think ahead – a bit like doing meal planning, work out which wines go with your food or evening snacks. Pay a bit more and have nice wine rather than pay less and have more (nasty) wine.

There’s also recommendations for which types of wine go with food – Helen McGinn, the writer was once a wine taster for Tesco so she knows her stuff. She also has her Knackered Mother’s Wine Club blog where she’ll share good deals and good wines (seriously, are you still here? She is the Superwoman of all things Wine – she’s done the hard work for us).

The best thing? The book is written in a way which is easy to understand – I now just have to work on the knackered side of me to retain the information, but I’m getting there – right now post-it’s are helping. You could too. The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club is out now and at a damn good price via Amazon.


    1. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you at BritMums too – ohh and since I’ve read the book I’ve never drunk this much wine – but it tastes good now 🙂


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