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Robinsons Squash’d have just launched two new flavours: Orange & Peach and Lemon & Pink Grapefruit which are also available as limited edition Wimbledon themed bottles! We were sent those and one of each of the other flavours to encourage H to drink more water – something I’m forever nagging her to do!

Robinsons Squashd Swingball

Robinsons have just launched two new flavours of their juice – also available as a Squash’d bottle. I don’t know about you, but every single day H comes home from school with a water bottle which is almost always STILL full. It’s quite frustrating. We’ve had incidents recently where her daily water consumption needs to be upped, yet she gets too distracted at school to actually drink it – I should be grateful she’s playing and doing stuff, but I do wish that something would give her an incentive to drink water.

Then along came Robinsons. Their Squash’d range of drinks arrived thanks to BritMums, and it has helped a lot. Every afternoon from school I can fill a pint glass with some water and a squirt of whichever flavour I choose, and you can guarantee within half an hour she has drunk the lot (and tried to guess which it is). Each Squash’d capsule makes 20 drinks – and it’s small enough to take around with you when you’re out and about.

Drinking Robinsons Squashd after Rainbows

We were provided with a sticker chart to track how much she has been drinking. Being a six and three quarter year old, H now thinks she’s too old for such a thing (I thought this too, but then realised being a motivated 40-something Trip Advisor contributor who gets virtual badges when I submit a certain number of reviews is pretty much the same) but stick the water and juice in a fancy cup and that’s it, she drinks the lot.

Annoyingly, school won’t allow the children to take in juice with their water as I know she’d drink a lot more if that was the case.

Robinsons Squash’d contains real fruit in every drop, and is definitely working in getting H to drink more water. It contains no added sugar, is free from artificial colours and preservatives too.

What I like the most about the Robinsons Squash’d we received was getting H to work out which flavour her drink is. I’m growing to love the “ooh, I taste a hint of apple in this one” and “I bet this is the Summer Fruits flavour”.  It’s really good for After School Snacks too!

Robinsons Squashd After School Snacks

H’s friends came over for a playdate after school and tried out a few of the flavours. One of the mums always keeps a bottle of Squash’d in the cupboard – it doesn’t take up a lot of space and is great for making a quick cup after school – especially when you get caught out and don’t have much in! Our biggest problem is making sure that Shaun doesn’t drink it all….

Of course, fruity water is fun but it isn’t the only way to guarantee your child drinks enough every day. We have our handy Lego moulds which I’ve been playing around with a bit as well as colouring in the ice tray in the freezer in pretty pinks, yellows and oranges as I spill them everywhere! So what I’ve done, I fill the bottom of the mould in one flavour. Once that has set it looks something like this, which is utterly pointless when it comes to having your lolly as the stick is barely joined to the main body.

Robinsons Squashd Ice Lollies Stage 1

So you add another Robinsons Squash’d flavour! Voila. Stripy lolly. If I had the patience I’d make one with all six flavours we received – so keep an eye on my Instagram feed, you never know.

Robinsons Squashd Lego Ice Lolly

Two of the three lollies weren’t right so I’ve added a third layer in a different flavour, so that’ll be interesting to see after school tomorrow. See, that’s another thing – our school seems to permanently have an ice cream van outside at home time and I always make sure not to take any money with me. Now we’ve got better ones at home!

In conclusion, the Robinsons Squash’d bottles are already doing the trick – H will demand a drink when she gets home from school every night. She’s drinking loads more water, and I reckon that’s a RESULT!

This post is an entry for BritMums #EnjoyMoreWater Challenge, sponsored by Robinsons – you can find them over here.

We were sent six flavours to try out as part of this challenge.

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