Sacrilege 2012 – an inflatable Stonehenge on tour – by Jeremy Deller

Fancy bouncing on a life-size replica Stonehenge for free?

Check out Sacrilege 2012 by Jeremy Deller quick – they’re touring parks all around the country, but it’s almost over.

We went yesterday in Cheam Park – and although it had to be deflated due to high winds for a while, it was soon inflated again (as it’s better for Stonehenge to be up).

Things worth knowing:

• Follow Sacrilege on Twitter (@sacrilege2012) – especially when the weather is bad, then you can get updates when it closes and reopens (if they have to).
• Even when it rains they’ll let you on – just in smaller batches so there’s more room – bear in mind it’s slippery though. We got a 10-15 minute bounce – though the second time was cut short due to high winds again (damn you weather).
• They said they can’t come back (if a showing is disrupted by weather), so persevere if you can – or find something else locally you can do if it is bad weather so you can get back quickly.
• There’s no secure storage for valuables, and you can’t take them on with you – so leave your most expensive stuff at home

I put together a little YouTube thing when it was being inflated the second time.

Check out their website too – there’s extra goodies – music and even a beard to print out and take with you.

Jeremy Deller is a genius. I’ve never seen so many happy laughing faces bouncing around on a huge great big bouncy thing. Apparently it’s available for hire too…

Sacrilege 2012 at Cheam Park

21 June – Carmarthenshire, Wales
24 June – Redruth, Cornwall
26 June – Exeter, Devon
29 June – Marlborough, Wiltshire
4 July – Southend On Sea
7 July – Flag Fen, Peterborough
11 July – Wakefield, Yorkshire
15 July – Gateshead – CANCELLED
20 July – Fishermead, Milton Keynes
21/22 July – Greenwich, London
25 July – Brent, London
28 July – Westminster, London
29 July – Sutton, London
31 July – Ravenscourt Park, London
1 August – Hampstead Heath, London
2 August – Clapham Common, London
4 August – Southwark, London
5 August – HIllingdon, London
7 August – Newham, London
9 August – Crystal Palace, London
10 August – Alexandra Palace, London
11 August – Christchurch Green, London
12 August – Lee Valley Park, London
18 August – College Green, Bristol
26 August – Belfast
9 September – Preston

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