In 2013 I Bought a Sledge from Trespass

In 2013 I bought a sledge from Trespass.

It was a winter so cold, the coldest it had been for a long time. There was so much snow. I did the sensible thing and bought a simple plastic sledge from Trespass which cost me £10.

We were ready! Ready for whatever snow came – we could go sledging!

Except the next year there was no snow.

There was also no snow the following year.

The lack of snow was getting me down a bit, almost as much as when the snow starts to melt and become slush when it does appear. To make matters worse, almost everyone else everywhere in the UK seemed to be having snow. Unfair.

The following year we had snow! Not enough to sledge in though, just enough to make the world’s tiniest snowman. So we did.

The following year? No snow, of course. The sledge was put in the loft.

It must be around 2017 now and I was starting to forget I’d even bought the sledge. It got moved to the shed, a place where even more possessions go to be forgotten over the years (but slightly more accessible).

I thought about Freecycling it. Maybe that would bring the snow back to us here?

2018. The year of the snow. Our sledge from Trespass finally made its debut.

Sledging at The Wrythe, Carshalton
Five years is a long time to not use something and for it to gather dust in a cupboard.

sledging home again on our sledge from trespass
Fortunately it has had two afternoons of optimum sledging after school. Once in Grove Park and then Carshalton Park where my daredevil child sledged down the Hog Pit Pond. It’s steep – she managed three or four goes. I missed it as I got home from work after they had left. It looks like this when there is no snow and is the place where the big bonfire happens each November as it’s such a big slope. It actually filled with water for the first time in years in 2014.

snowy air raid shelters at The Wrythe, Carshalton

We went to our local park The Wrythe, the old Air Raid Shelters made a fantastic slope, and where I was able to catch Shaun and H up to join in. H managed at least 30 goes!

Finally using the sledge from Trespass at Wrythe Green Air Raid Shelters

It’s fairly safe to say our sledge from Trespass has had a lot of use – at last!

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  1. We bought our sledges back in 2010 when we last had snow……they have been gathering dust in the shed (and spiders webs) but I finally managed to break them free this week


  2. Hooray for not selling the sledge, I bet the kids had a wonderful time running around the fields up and down the hills with it. We last had snow in 2010 and bought the kids sledges then that have finally had their first use, one was so old and brittle it broke fairly quickly. It’s clear from the smiles on the kids faces they were so excited to finally be sledging!

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.


  3. Lol – we’ve got to use the one my SIL bought my son years ago too. The problem we have now is that’s he’s grown and is really too big for it! #CountryKids


  4. Lol this is so funny as we bought 2 new sledges in 2013 when we moved ready to use and this is the first year we have been able to as well. Yay for the snow!!! Mich x #countrykids


  5. This made me chuckle! Bet you glad you didn’t freecycle it… great hill finding. We didn’t get snow here, not enough for anything! I look forward to it when my little ones are bigger! #countrykids


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