Summer of Bratz is Here! We’ve been having fun.

Bratz have a new campaign, Summer of Bratz. H has a Bratz doll, Yasmin who she has been having lots of adventures with.
summer of bratz park shot

Summer of Bratz is just that. Take some photos of your Bratz doll this summer – on holiday, in the park, wherever you happen to be. Had we been organised, she would have come to Paris with us.  I was so nervous about letting slip to H that we were going to Disneyland Paris that we forgot. But we did remember once we were there, if that counts?

So summer is here and despite a few rainy days it has been a pretty good one. We’ve had two holidays this summer, Cornwall and Paris. While our Bratz doll didn’t arrive in time for Cornwall, she was here by the time we got home. She’s been doing some fun stuff too.

summer of bratz h and doll

Actually, this is where I was puzzled. Bratz dolls have rather big feet – so how do you get them out of the trousers and into say, a pair of shorts? I needn’t have thought about it for too long as her legs pop off at the ankle – so you can remove the feet at the ankles and put them back on.

We were sent a Yasmin Festival Vibes doll. She has two outfits inspired by her favourite seventies bands, and comes with extras too. You get a bag to put all your day-to-day things in, some feather earrings and a hairband, some shades and of course a wristband for the festival.  You also get a hairbrush and a wristband for H to wear.  We’re ready for the Summer of Bratz!

Summer of Bratz Yasmin Music Festival Vibes

There are four dolls in the new Festival Vibes range, and they have a change of clothes too.  So all that’s left now is for us to show you our favourite parts of summer that Yasmin got to share with us!

Sitting outside post-holiday club with an ice cream!

Summer of Bratz Ice Cream

Going to the park and just having fun!

Summer of Bratz Nature Trail

The Bratz Festival Vibes dolls are available now, you can buy here from Amazon.

We were sent the Bratz doll to review. All opinions are our own. 

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