Super Chicken! – The Best Chicken Recipes

Super Chicken is the latest book we received as a Parragon Book buddy. This would be another review where Shaun (chicken lover) steps up and tells us his thoughts but he claims he can’t review things very well, so instead I’ll do it and he can dictate.

Super Chicken

Super Chicken! isn’t a superhero, it is in fact a collection of dishes which have one thing in common – they include chicken. Having been vegetarian for over 30 years, this isn’t my kind of cookbook. However, that isn’t to say dishes can’t be adapted.

Shaun and H had a good scan through the book to find a dish for our evening meal tonight, and opted for Chicken Satay Skewers. I had the same dish but with Spicy Quorn pieces to replace the meat.

Super chicken skewers

With a prep time of 15 minutes and a cook time of 10 minutes (plus soaking the skewers time), this was an ideal dish for our Sunday evening – we don’t really do traditional Sunday dinners in this house.

Shaun found the instructions easy to follow, and the final results looked like the pictures. I found the satay sauce to be pretty good too – easily one of the best ones I’ve tried (aren’t home made ones always the best anyway?). It’s something we will definitely make again.

Super Chicken Satay

If you’re in a vegetarian and meat eating house, this book has some good ideas. I checked and all the sauces seemed suitable for vegetarians, and are prepared separately anyway.

Super quorn Satay

Super Quorn Satay

Back when I first met Shaun and we went back to Australia, his mum brought out some writing he’d done from around the age of ten. He declared a big dislike for girls (ha), but big big love for chicken, so I know Super Chicken is a book he’ll be using a lot more as unlike the former, his opinion hasn’t changed.

Shaun did say he’d like to do a few more recipes from the book before I posted a review, so I’d say that was another good sign, chicken-lovers.

Super Chicken! contains several recipes broken into sections – Starters, Snacks and Sides, Lovely Lunches, Chicken Dinners and Food for Friends, with several choices in each section.

Super Chicken! is available now from all good bookstores, rrp £6.00 The Parragon page for it is here.

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We were sent the book for the purpose of review, all opinions are our own.

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