Disney Life – Extra Things

So I’ve written a bit about the films on DisneyLife and what we’ve seen, but haven’t really gone into the extra things that are offered with a membership, which are definitely worth a mention.

DisneyLife logo

This year is a pretty busy year for Disney with some BIG films coming – we’re looking forward to Finding Dory, The BFG and the new Alice Through the Looking Glass’ film too. We recently saw the new Jungle Book film as well.

As DisneyLife members we were offered tickets for an exclusive viewing of The Jungle Book – which unfortunately we couldn’t do as H had swimming (it was a Wednesday) – but as luck would have it another blogger friend passed us on her tickets so we got to go on a Sunday instead. We’ve since been offered an exclusive presale on the new Aladdin show in the West End which we’re looking into.

As well as this, DisneyLife has some special exclusive content from ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ and the original Disney Alice in Wonderland animation.

You can discover more about the quirky characters from Alice’s world in all-new Live Action Character Worlds – characters include Alice, the Red Queen and the Tweedle twins. There is also a special featurette ‘Lewis Carroll’s Alice’ and a behind the scenes ‘White Rabbit Teaser’ from the new film.

You can read the original ‘Alice in Wonderland’ tale too, and listen to the new soundtrack from ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ – something I like doing before we see a film. We’ve also been told to look out for an exclusive link for preview screenings of the film before it’s release on the 27th May, though nothing has arrived yet… there’s still time…

I really like features like this as it makes you feel like your membership is valued and worthwhile – it’s the little extras that make you feel special.

An additional note too – we watched Cars 2 last night, and yet again no buffering happened – so I think it’s fairly safe to say the initial problems have been sorted!

We have been provided with complementary DisneyLife membership for six months, all opinions are our own.