Amazing Magazine – Learning While Having Fun

Amazing Magazine

H is almost 8, and finishing Year 3. She’s about to head into Year 4 and is still loving school – coming out with a glowing end of year report. I’d like to think that a lot of her learning is due to the extras we find along the way. When Amazing Magazine asked if we’d like to review a copy I jumped at the chance. Amazing Magazine is an excellent magazine which combines learning and fun.

Amazing Magazine is for 6-11 year olds, so is ideal for H – she’s nearly 8. We were sent a copy of Amazing Magazine for H to try. It fits in with the national curriculum, covering topics that they’re likely to cover at school.

The issue of Amazing Magazine we received was an Oceans themed one. Inside it contains puzzles like a crossword (not too tricky) and some maths puzzles which wouldn’t be out of place with H’s current homework. Add to that a bit of decoding messages and a wordsearch, a section on languages and Moby Dick in cartoon form over two pages, and you get the idea.

Amazing Magazine Moby Dick

H says “I like the Great White Shark poster, and the facts about it are pretty cool.”

“some of the puzzles are easy, but I did find a couple a bit tricky” (good, we need to get those braincells working!)

“the writing is nice and clear and I enjoy reading it”

” I learned how to say ‘look, a dolphin’ in Italian too – that was cool! and ‘I feel sick’ in Mandarin. Oh, and ‘watch out for a shark!’ in Spanish.” (in fact, she repeated them all really well – I found out later there’s a handy pronunciation guide with it!)Amazing Magazine How Do I Say

There’s a section about illnesses when you’re diving which H found quite interesting too.

Amazing Magazine Health
I like that there’s a theme in each issue. It’s the kind of magazine you would keep, knowing that the topic may come up at school over the next year or so and that you have additional activities which your child has found helps them learn. It doesn’t feel like it would ever go out of date.

H and Amazing Magazine disappeared upstairs for a while and there was a lot of quiet. There was more than enough inside to keep her occupied! I’m looking forward to reading more.

H and Amazing Magazine
For more information about Amazing Magazine, please head to their website. A 12 month subscription with Amazing Magazine currently costs £49.00. Each individual issue is £6.99. We have been gifted a year’s subscription to Amazing Magazine. We received a copy for the purpose of review, all opinions are our own.