Alphabites – Create Your Own Monsterbet!

We’re big fans in this house of Bear’s Alphabites cereal, they’re regularly bought as H’s breakfast option – having letters in her cereal as well as it being healthy is ideal for us! Alphabites have got a great goody or four in packs at the moment – read on to find out about the Monsterbet – and why not try making one too!


Monsterbet? What’s that then? You’re probably wondering. Or you may have worked it out – a different monster with a letter from the alphabet making up his name is the easy answer – and you can find four monsterbet magnets inside all packs of Bear’s Alphabites cereal at the moment.

bears monsterbet magnets

Here’s the advert – we spotted it on tv tonight!

We were really happy to get a box of both types of Alphabites cereals, as well as some crafty bits to make our own monsterbet. H being as particular as she is, decided her monster would begin with H – and was called Herrumph – except I asked her to spell it, so we now have Hiuimghi which is pronounced the same way (never argue with a five year old). We had lots of fun making the monster – and this isn’t just a bloggers thing – you can do it too – head over here to the Monsterbet page – two winners are announced every month, and there’s lots of goodies to try to win!

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Alphabites cereals have been reviewed by us in the past – over here – I love the fact they’re a healthy breakfast option and aren’t overloaded with sugar. The Bear site says: “Alphabites are a delicious healthy breakfast cereal with no refined sugar, salt, or any other nonsense. Grrr. Instead of refined sugars, we use coconut blossom nectar which contains twice the calcium of milk, and has a naturally low GI.”

Alphabites Monsterbet

Add to that the Monsterbet magnets (and each monster also has a little speech bubble type magnet that goes with it which is pretty cute), and Bear have definitely put the fun back into breakfast again – with added spelling and plenty of creativity if you choose! Of course, there’s plenty of Monster facts on the back of each pack as well!

Alphabites can be found in all good stores, including Waitrose, Ocado, Wholefoods, Holland and Barrett, Planet Organic and many more.

Bear Alphabites

We were sent two boxes of Bear Alphabites and some crafty bits, as well as the Monster poster for our Monsterbet entry – all opinions are our own! 

Save Our Paws with BEAR and WWF

We’re big fans of the BEAR snacks in this house – H loves them, and we always have a supply ready in the cupboard for after school snacks. BEAR have partnered with the WWF on some special WWF Save Our Paws packs to help protect the world’s most endangered paws and other species – with 5p from each individual pack and 25p from multipacks.

Save Our Paws

We were sent a selection of the snacks, as well as a fabulous world map, and some party activities so H could have a little 5th Birthday Celebration as BEAR snacks are now 5. She’s quite happy about this as it means she’s slightly older than them (this may be a fallback from being the youngest in Year 1 and reminded of this a lot) – so she quite enjoyed celebrating.

Six of the eight bears of the world are threatened with extinction – that’s pretty scary. BEAR wanted to celebrate their fifth birthday and help address this, so partnered with the WWF to help try and make a difference – which is Save Our Paws.

BEAR’s founder, Hayley Gait Golding, says: “BEAR started because we wanted to help people get back to nature – both in terms of the food that they were eating, but also in getting them really excited about the world around them. Working with a partner as special as WWF is a real privilege. Together we want to help get young children really engaged with these magical animals – about where they live and what makes them unique- and for them to feel excited that they have made a difference.’


Nicky Day Director of Corporate Partnerships at WWF-UK says: “WWF is really excited to be partnering with BEAR, a company that shares our values in respecting the natural world.  Through working with BEAR we will be able to engage with families and children about our work safeguarding the world’s most iconic and threatened species whilst raising vital funds for our conservation work around the world.”

BEAR snacks are available in four varieties – Dino Paws (strawberry and apple), Jungle Paws (apple and blackcurrant), Arctic Paws (raspberry and blueberry) and Arctic Paws (raspberry and blueberry) and are Vegetarian and Vegan-friendly. Each pack also contains five paw prints from animals that live in that habitat.

Don’t leave it too long – the Save Our Paws celebrations are only happening until early November!

We were sent a lovely package from BEAR nibbles to help celebrate their 5th birthday and promote the WWF snacks. 

Alphabites from Bear

We’re hugs fans of the Bear nibbles snacks and spotted they have a new cereal, Alphabites. We jumped at the chance to try it and I tracked some boxes down in my local Waitrose!

alphabites from bear

Alphabites are letter shaped cereal pieces. They’re vegetarian, in fact, vegan-friendly with no added sugar and also no added salt. They’re high in fibre and low GI, as well as containing one of your everyday wholegrain portions.

I like that breakfast time has become something we’ll sit and talk about letters. H is a big fan of cereals and these have been a big hit with her, especially when she spots any letters from her name. She’s making words in her food which in is complementing the work she’s doing at school. Educational food, anyone?

The Alphabites letters stay in their shape really well too, no mushing up as the milk soaks in, though we found the ones at the bottom of the pack are a little crumblier than the top – so give your box a good shake!

In addition there are activites on the back of the pack relating to letters (S for space, P for pirates, I for insects, for example) with the whole alphabet set to roll out over the next twelve months, if you’re like us and collect the cards from inside the yo yo snacks, imagine that on a bigger scale!

alphabites from bear

Alphabites come in two flavours – Multigrain and Cocoa Multigrain – both are made with six natural ingredients. They’re available from Waitrose, Ocado, Wholefoods, Holland and Barrett, Planet Organic and lots of other places.

We were sent two boxes for the purpose of review – they’re already a big hit in our house, and I’ve found them to be filling as all good low-GI wholegrain foods should be, keeping me from feeling too hungry by lunchtime.

You can read more about Alphabites over here.