Blinc – ing Nora.

Today a good friend of mine shared the latest email from Blinc. Now, Blinc look pretty fab – makeup you can wash off that stays on and is waterproof. I’d quite fancy trying it as it sounds like my kind of thing. However, this email has really put me off. I’ll leave it up to you to make your own minds up, but really, seriously. Read on…

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If you’ve hatched any of your own little chicks in the past few years
you’ll know just how hard it is to keep up appearances, never mind maintain
them.  If you’re just starting out on that road, read and learn.

The total life change Mums go through leaves little in the way of me time.
In fact ‘me’ seems to be something that barely gets a look in for Mums,
putting all their energy once spent on carefully executed beauty regimens
into wiping, feeding, entertaining and generally seeing to every demand
placed on you by your very important little person.  Parental duties done
for the day, you can be forgiven for collapsing in front of the TV in a
comfy dressing gown and slippers and hugging a cuppa before dragging
yourself off to bed.

It’s all too easy to slip into a dowdy matronly state and before you know
it everything is too much effort and your confidence is knocked for six.
For your own long term wellbeing don’t make motherhood the ‘be all and end
all’ of you.  Keep something back for you, because believe it or not you
will at some point in the future eventually get back to the ‘me’ thing you
left behind.

If you have a considerate partner who really appreciates the commitment of
parenting they’ll treat you to an Easter gift, a Faberge Egg maybe, it is
Mother’s day coming up after all.  Perhaps treating yourself to some blinc
cosmetics is more likely to get you what you want and clearly taking care
of your looks is the ideal gift in return.  What better than cosmetics that
won’t smudge or smear regardless of how frazzled you get.

(information here about a discount code)

Have a wonderful Easter and Mother’s day, thanks for loving blinc.



What do you reckon then?