The Cheery Train Driver

Have you ever been on a train with the Cheery Train Driver?

The Cheery Train Driver sounds like a title for a kids book, if ever there was one (rushes off to Google just in case..). Last Friday I was at work, but only managed to make two hours before I admitted defeat and came home, feeling utterly rubbish.

Fortunately when I left I was just in time for a train home, so headed for Clapham Junction, part panicking how I’d get home in one piece (I couldn’t breathe very well, very full of cold and tired out).

The train pulled up and as it was ten carriages there were plenty of seats, plenty of space. The doors closed, and then this happened. Actually, I wish I’d recorded more.

I’m now wondering, is he scripted or is he really a comedy genius? Can someone give him his own show? Have you been on a train with the cheery train driver (and his comments about Southern Railways going on strike – also, did you know that if you need to stop the train in an emergency you press the red button, however, running out of prosecco is not an emergency).

By the time I got to Carshalton I didn’t want to get off! But get off I did, and then spent the weekend resting and feeling sorry for myself. Ah cheery train driver, you made my day!