A Shelf In My House

This is a shelfie, a snapshot into the chaos that surrounds my life on a daily basis. This is also my favourite shelf, it’s the one I seem to keep the important bits of my life on. 


If we were to work from the top left, there are a pile of CDs. Box sets from work by Buffalo Tom, The Icicle Works and The Fall as well as an Indie Anthems compilation. Above that a Seriously 80s compilation. These really need moving upstairs with the rest of my music, but haven’t moved for a while. If you go along the shelf there’s my address book and our National Trust 2014 Handbook. Underneath that there’s some MoYou nail patterns – I picked them up at the Devon County Show last year and couldn’t get them to work as well as the ladies who were demonstrating them at the show. Always the way. To the far right are some Comic Relief deely boppers from last year and a pile of DVD-Rs.

If you move down the shelf, there are a section of DVDs, including the Mr Men one (the proper 1970s version of course) and the card tube is something H made which is apparently “very precious”. It has lived there for a couple of months now, hiding the Wiggles DVDs. In front of those is my sparkly limited edition Clarins perfume bottle and some Caffeine eye roll on from Aldi – if I kept all this in my bedroom I’d forget to put it on, when it’s on the shelf I remember. The Clarins perfume props up more CDs. (and yes, there’s more below that too)

That’s a wedding photo of Shaun and I in the middle, we’re coming up to our eleventh anniversary soon – I like that picture as the confetti covers my face, so I don’t spoil it by pulling a funny face. Tucked behind it are some loom patterns which we need to work through. In front of that is a gemstone which is meant to bring good luck and harmony to a house. I bought it in Lyme Regis, and H chose the stone. Next to that? A Marie Curie daffodil in a pencil sharpener. Obviously.

Three red love hearts from H are next to that, made from clay from Hobbycraft, waiting for a piece of string to be threaded into a little necklace for me. There’s a small acorn which lost its hat a few months ago, and Shaun glued back on for H, and we left it there to dry. Next to that, a green bottle we got in our Cybher goody bags last year, and a horse badge H got for her birthday. A shell that H picked lives next to that. On the end there is some kind of USB connector, I don’t know what for, but it’s there for the time I do remember what it is, and I know it’ll be on The Shelf.

After that, there’s just books behind. A Grow Your Own, some cookery books, Shaun’s Perth book and if you work your way back you can just about see the Red Ted Art book which we use from time to time. A Crystal Palace Foundation football medal hangs down which H was awarded recently in her classes.

So that is our shelf – easily the one I use the most in the house.