Graze Box

On December 13th 2008, I received my first one of these. Look at this healthy goodness!

2008 Graze Box

You got a lot in the box – and I had good reason to. I’d just found out I was pregnant, and I wanted healthy snacks. So I set up a subscription to my work. I was impressed they could post fresh fruit and vegetables – though eventually that became the reason I cancelled – sometimes a box due on a Friday wouldn’t arrive until the following Monday and it’d be mushy – THEN I developed diabetes while pregnant. Most of the snacks had things I wasn’t sure about GI wise, so I eventually cancelled my subscription.

I’m currently doing a SlimPod, and I know I’m a terrible snacker – so this week I restarted my Graze subscription. I was pleased to see it hadn’t changed too much – though the fresh fruit has gone – but there’s lots of yummy things in there which is good. The boxes are the smaller size (ie, not like above), but there’s more variety.

Here’s what I got today (excuse messy work desk stuff around it)

Graze box 2012

So it’s a little bit smaller, but actually I found the food to be better. The SlimPod seems to be working and I’m not thinking about chocolate as much (and when you’re doing as data heavy a job as I do, you dream of chocolate a lot when the spreadsheets all blur into one) – so we’ll see how we get on. So far I’m quietly confident that it’s a good move to have made! Also, huge bonus this time, I get a link to see exactly what I’m getting – look! (I know before you had to log on but it was possible) Also, dietary information is a lot clearer on each snack which is a huge help to me. I don’t have a lot of time to read up on things, so need information that’s easily available.

As with every Graze box, I get a code to pass on if you want a free box. Being the generous sort, here it is: Z35VR5LC – you just enter it at For every friend I feed, I can get £1 off  my next box or donate £1 to the graze school of farming in Uganda.