Disney Art Therapy Colouring Books

As Parragon Book Buddies we receive books to review, and our latest set are two Disney Art Therapy Colouring Books; Disney Princess and Frozen.

Disney Art Therapy Colouring Books are designed for kids and adults to colour in – I often like to switch off and colour, and even better, it’s big enough to do with H.

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H says “these are interesting. I like the patterns and how each page is different, you could colour in every day and you would still have loads left to do”

I would agree – with over 100 designs in the Disney Art Therapy Colouring books there’s plenty to keep you occupied. Given H currently seems to dislike Frozen, I’ve claimed that one! I like how the patterns and pictures are geared towards older children and young adults – and they’re not obvious Disney patterns either, yet within the pages you’ll find things you’re familiar with.

Disney Art Therapy Colouring Books Disney Princess and Frozen

The book for Frozen is still a hit with H. While she can pick out some of the Frozen things in there, she said “some of them don’t look like they’re in the film. They look a bit complicated but there are also some which look easy and fun to do. The castle picture looks quite tricky – there’s quite a lot to colour in on it, and lots of small bits. I like the patterns a lot!”

Disney Art Therapy Colouring Books

With no shortage of pens and felt tips for colouring in, I know these books will last us a while – there’s plenty to do in there. I’d recommend these Disney Art Therapy Colouring Books for children aged 7 and up – though if your child is patient and younger it would definitely be suitable!

Ultimately, the books are a hit in this house!

The Disney Art Therapy Colouring Books are available now, with a rrp of £9.99.

We were sent the books for the purpose of review. All opinions are our own! 

Disney – The Zodiac Legacy Convergence by Stan Lee

We’re Parragon Book Buddies and receive a book to review every month. December’s book was The Zodiac Legacy Convergence by Stan Lee.

The Zodiac Legacy Convergence by Stan Lee

The Zodiac Legacy Convergence is the first illustrated novel in the Zodiac Legacy series, and is also Disney related thanks to it being written by Marvel Comics former Chairman and all-round comics genius Stan Lee (and that’s really underplaying who he is). The stories revolve around an African-American teenager, Steven. He has to master strange powers and unlock the mysterious powers of the zodiac.

Characters (and their Zodiac signs) he’ll meet along the way include Steven the Tiger, Jasmine the Dragon, Kim the Rabbit, Duane the Pig, Liam the Ram, Roxanne the Rooster, Carlos, Maxwell the Dragon, Josie the Horse, Malik the Ox, Nicky the Dog, Vincent the Monkey, Celine the Snake and Thiago the Rat.

In The Zodiac Legacy Convergence, Steven’s school trip to China doesn’t go quite as expected when he stumbles upon ancient pools of liquid filled with powers connected to the Chinese Zodiac.

After receiving the powers of the Tiger, complete with super strength and killer reflexes, Steven joins a ragtag group bent on stopping the Vanguard: a corrupt organisation that will stop at nothing to use the Zodiac powers to get anything – and everything – they want. Steven may be a quick-thinking fourteen year old who can punch through walls, but the might of the Vanguard is unlike anything the world has ever seen. Or so the Vanguard would like to think….

Stan Lee, the author helped create the Marvel Universe, which explains why this is a Disney book – as Disney now own Marvel (see Big Hero 6 as a prime example).

I feel that The Zodiac Legacy Convergence is possibly a little bit too old for H (but she’ll definitely be ready for it in a year or so) as it is targeted at 8-12 year olds. I love the illustrations that accompany the story too – they make the book have a comic-book feel without it actually being one.The Zodiac Legacy Convergence by Stan Lee

The Zodiac Legacy Convergence is available now in hardback, paperback and audio CD formats at Amazon. Stan Lee’s website is here and there is also a Disney Zodiac Legacy website where you can find out your sign (I’m a dog)!

We were sent The Zodiac Legacy – Convergence for the purpose of review. All opinions are our own. 

The Isle of the Lost – A Descendants Novel

We’re Parragon Book Buddies, and received The Isle of the Lost – A Descendants Novel by Melissa de la Cruz for our book this month.

The Isle of the Lost

The Isle of the Lost is a prequel to the Disney Channel film ‘Descendants’ – where all of the evil villains from Disney movies are banished from the Kingdom of Auradon to the Isle of the Lost. Now, by villains, we’re talking Maleficent (which I think the ‘Maleficent’ film itself would disagree she’s a villain, but hey!), Cruella de Vil, the Evil Queen and more.

Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos are their descendants, the children of the Isle’s characters who are now coming of age. They’ve been stripped of their magical powers and now live in total isolation, forgotten by the world.

To escape from The Isle of the Lost the children must find a Dragon’s Eye, hidden in the Forbidden Fortress – but only the cleverest, nastiest villain can find it.

Lots of Disney characters make an appearance in the book, and while H started to read it, I felt the content may be a little bit grown up for her, so we’re holding off for a little bit longer (she has only just turned six). Goodreads says its approximate age guide is around age 9-12 – so while the size of the book isn’t an issue, the content might be – so I’ll be having a read first!

The start of the book was enjoyable for her, and she did read a few chapters, but again, because of her age I’m going to be checking it carefully first.

With The Isle of the Lost being a prequel, it sets up the film well – anyone who is a fan of the movie will enjoy this, and I liked all the Disney cross references too.

The Isle of the Lost is available in all good bookstores now, including Amazon (click the image below to get there – affiliate link)

We were sent this book for the purpose of review. All opinions are our own.

Cinderella & Frozen Fever

Yesterday the new Cinderella film opened in cinemas, and before it is the new Frozen short, Frozen Fever. With H being the obsessive she is about all things Frozen I took her as it was the last day of term and I felt like we needed a treat.

Cinderella and Frozen Fever were released in cinemas yesterday, March 27th. I snapped up tickets as a treat for H and I so, what do you need to know? Well, firstly, I’ve decided to try and simplify film reviews on Mum Friendly, and try to waffle less. This is my first attempt, after discussions in the Mum Friendly Facebook Group. We’re using a traffic light system.


Frozen Fever

Frozen Fever

It’s short. You can buy the new song ‘Perfect Day’ from iTunes which takes up the bulk of the short. We bought it beforehand and didn’t really have a context, but once you watch it you don’t really get it out of your head. It’s Anna’s birthday and Elsa wants to make it a perfect day as she has never been able to celebrate her birthday. She has help from Kristoff and Sven, and it’s a really nice little in-between before Frozen 2 happens in the future. It has plenty of funny parts, and H was laughing out loud in her seat. The entire cinema went silent once it started too!

Green lights all the way, certificate U. Slight grump at the idea that there’ll be new Frozen ephemera including little snowpeople which Elsa creates when she sneezes! (snowgies?!) and of course new dresses… sigh!


Cinderella - Ella and the Prince

The story of Ella, whose mother and father die, who is treated badly by her new stepmother and stepsisters – and you know the rest, it’s the traditional Cinderella story in film, beautifully updated and told.

Deaths – three. H ‘got’ what was going on, and didn’t seem too sad about it. I’d say this is amber depending on how sensitive your child is – you may need to explain beforehand.

Story – wonderful, really wonderful. The filming really makes the movie – and the views of the land and castle reminded me of Arundelle (Frozen) – the settings of both made me realise how well they compliment each other. The story is easy to follow, not scary and a delight. A lot of the film is narrated by Helena Bonham Carter, and H was transfixed as the coach and horses were transformed to take Cinderella to the ball. The Ugly Sisters are no longer ugly, they’ve just ugly personalities for the film and it is no longer mentioned. The only song which features throughout is ‘Lavender’s Blue’, the old traditional folk song and nursery rhyme.

Cinderella - Fairy Godmother

Top Tip – stay for the end credits and you’ll hear a version of ‘A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes’ towards the end. I can see ‘Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo’ is on the soundtrack, which makes me wonder if that followed it – we left the cinema, so I can’t say.

Cinderella is a green light (just be prepared with the deaths), certificate U. The only thing I would say is both films with trailers came in at two hours – a lot of younger children were getting twitchy, so be prepared for a long sit down!

Sleeping Beauty – Out on DVD, Blu-Ray and Download

On June 2nd 2014, Walt Disney’s classic Sleeping Beauty is released on DVD, Blu-Ray and download. We have been sent a copy to watch, so had one of our ‘moovy nites’ (according to H).

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty needs no introduction – the Walt Disney film is 55 years old. I know I’ve seen it, and remembered parts when we watched it, and it was a lovely opportunity to revisit childhood memories.

So, the story. The princess is born and named Aurora, three good fairires Flora, Fauna and Merryweather cast magical gifts to her, though before the third can be done Maleficent the evil sorceress places a curse on her – that she will die before sunset on her sixteenth birthday by touching the poisoned spindle of a spinning wheel. Fortunately Merryweather casts a spell – Aurora will fall into a deep sleep and just has to be kissed by her one true love to wake up.

The film is easy to follow, the memories came back (the changing colour of her dress mainly!), and the ending is a happy one. H liked it best when “the mean lady was dead, and when the colours changed on the dress as that was very funny listening to their argument!”

Sleeping Beauty

This Sleeping Beauty release is perfectly timed with the new Angelina Jolie film Maleficent. It’s a film I’d like to see but as it’s rated PG it’ll be one we watch at home I suspect. Maleficent isn’t cast as an evil sorceress, she’s a badly treated one – something which the Disney film doesn’t portray. Both stories are based on the Brothers Grimm story ‘Little Briar Rose’.

Sleeping Beauty took most of the 1950’s to produce – and was Disney’s last animation which was hand-crafted using ink before they moved onto xerography – though it did feature in this film in the dragon sequences before being re-drawn in pen and ink. The music throughout the film is taken from Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty ballet, which earned the film an Academy Award.

There are bonus features on the DVD and Blu-Ray too – we enjoyed watching a short about the Grand Canyon which was shown in cinemas at the original theatrical release of Sleeping Beauty.

We have some lovely activity sheets for you to download and print out – have fun! We’re going to have a go at them all – right click on the image to download the pdf please!

Aurora String Maze Aurora colouring










Sleeping Beauty is released on DVD, Blu-Ray and download tomorrow, Monday 2nd June 2014. (affiliate link)

We were sent a copy of Sleeping Beauty for the purpose of review – all opinions are our own!

App Time – Disney Fairies Lost & Found

We mentioned this app before Christmas – and have had a good play on it. There’s a few things which spring to mind – the main one, this is suitable for older kids – or at least ones who can read. If I could change one thing slightly I’d have made an option to have the objects names spoken, though all it meant was I played it with H and we didn’t try for any time challenges – as I quickly realised this game is about a good time and finding as many objects as possible as closely together.

Disney Fairies - Lost and Found

So, what’s it about? There’s the new Tinker Bell movie which has just come out (which we saw two days ago, and H loved), and this is based around scenes from the movie. There’s six sections, each with a different fairy and within those there’s three stars to get. You also have a time challenge. To gain stars you need to find a number of objects which are listed at the bottom of your screen. It starts quite easy but is quite difficult at the end.

Disney Fairies Lost & Found

This is the bit where I also add that Shaun and I were both playing this last night, determined to get three stars in each section – as in we were both on the one screen. It’s pretty difficult to get the three, the objects to find are random, though none of them ever move from their location. H doesn’t have the ability to finish it, though it means we can play the game and find things and each chapter of the book is now unlocked – though we’ve one final challenge to do, find all objects, which will unlock one final thing (I’ve no idea what!).

As far as the game goes, the graphics are gorgeous, the objects are easy enough to find if you know what you’re looking for – you may find you need to play each section a few times to remember locations. You’ll recognise objects and scenes from the films, and of course the fairies too. The book you unlock is the story from the film, so now we’ve seen it I think things will make a lot more sense to H – and game-wise she’s happy to find things as long as we’re around to tell her what she needs to find.

Disney Fairies: Lost & Found is available at the App Store and is still only 69p (and it says there’s an update due soon too, ooh goody!)



Wreck-It Ralph Challenge! – Sponsored Video

We went to see the new Tinker Bell movie today at the cinema, and got to see the Wreck-It Ralph trailer – which looks like a lot of fun, and appealing to us old school game types (I’m not sure H is quite there yet, she’s a sensitive soul, but we may try…) as well as featuring voices from Sarah Silverman and Jane Lynch.


Ralph has escaped!


If you head to Find Ralph to complete the missing Ralph poster, you have a chance to win a Galaxy Note II and some exclusive goodie bags.

You can also find some games and videos to learn more about the Wreck-It Ralph characters (our favourite has to be Clyde the PacMan ghost) – there are loads of things to check out.

Wreck It Ralph Challenge

Disclaimer: Prizes are available in UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Brazil.

This is a sponsored post

Toy Story Mania – Game Time

Toy Story Mania is a game designed for the whole family (from 3+ years) and is based on the Disneyland and Walt Disney World attractions.

Toy Story Mania for XBOX 360

The games have a fairground feel to them and involve short challenges such as hitting targets, catching eggs in a basket and sheep with a staff. Each of these games centres around one or more of the characters from the movies.

At first I decided to play Toy Story Mania on my own. The game was amusing enough at first and I liked the fact that as you played you unlocked different games and levels but I have to admit I found the games a little repetitive and lost my interest after a while. However, all this changed when I had some friends over one evening and we decided to play together, this is where the game came into its own, we had a blast! The shortness of the games meant that those who weren’t playing (there were four of us and we were playing two at a time) weren’t sitting around for long and we all felt involved. Also, the challenges themselves lead to a lot of shouts of encouragement from those not playing, this really added to the excitement!

Toy Story Mania for XBOX 360I think it’s great that Toy Story Mania has been created with the whole family in mind, even the little ones. My only concern is that because such a wide age range is involved older ones might become a little bored after a while. That aside I would totally recommend that anyone looking for a family game consider this one, I love the fact that all the familiar faces from the Toy Story movies are included, even for a big child like me this was quite exciting.

The game is available in the XBOX 360 (plus Kinect) and Wii and I think that this would make the perfect gift for Christmas. I’m spending Christmas day with my parents and am planning to take this game with me as no doubt it will lead to lots of fun!

We were sent a copy of Toy Story Mania to review, all opinions are our own!


Disney’s Fairy Appy Christmas

Disney is donating £1 to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity for every download of the new ‘Disney Fairies : Lost and Found’ app from today until Christmas Day – and if you buy it now it’s available for a fabulous £0.69 promotional price.

H is a bit obsessed with the Disney Princesses at the moment, so I figure Disney Fairies is the next logical step – so we’ll be having a play with the app over the next few days, so look out for our review.

Since 2008 Disney has partnered with Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, focused on raising £10 million towards the hospital’s redevelopment appeal. The Disney Appeal works across all of the Disney businesses to raise funds and provide unique and memorable experiences for patients and their families. 

Disney Fairies - Lost and Found

‘Disney Fairies: Lost & Found’ features all seven Disney Fairies from Walt Disney Studios’  upcoming film ‘Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings’ and is a lovely game where players can immerse themselves in the magical world of Pixie Hollow.

Paul Brown, General Manager of Disney Interactive, commented, “We are delighted to be able to help make this an Appy Christmas for Great Ormond Street Hospital.  No matter where they’re spending the festive season, we know that kids love fairies and the wonder and beauty of Pixie Hollow. Disney Fairies: Lost & Found not only allows players to engage with the characters in the game but also understand the mission of a true Disney fairy and the importance of giving back at this time of year.”

‘Disney Fairies: Lost & Found’ features enchanting images, dynamic animation and plenty of interactive elements that will take you by surprise. Help the fairies reveal their hidden “fairy facts” and discover the talents of fairy-favourite Tinker Bell and her friends in order to complete the game and claim a bonus ‘Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings’ storybook.  Featuring new characters and scenes from the film, the interactive storybook is unlocked chapter by chapter and will continue to be updated with new downloadable content and features.

Watch the official ‘Disney Fairies: Lost & Found’ trailer here: