Wreck-It Ralph Challenge! – Sponsored Video

We went to see the new Tinker Bell movie today at the cinema, and got to see the Wreck-It Ralph trailer – which looks like a lot of fun, and appealing to us old school game types (I’m not sure H is quite there yet, she’s a sensitive soul, but we may try…) as well as featuring voices from Sarah Silverman and Jane Lynch.


Ralph has escaped!


If you head to Find Ralph to complete the missing Ralph poster, you have a chance to win a Galaxy Note II and some exclusive goodie bags.

You can also find some games and videos to learn more about the Wreck-It Ralph characters (our favourite has to be Clyde the PacMan ghost) – there are loads of things to check out.

Wreck It Ralph Challenge

Disclaimer: Prizes are available in UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Brazil.

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