Educational Books That Are Fun

I’m always on the look out for books which will help H with her reading, educational books that will work with her learning at school. Recently I’ve come across two which I’m sharing with you today.

Educational BooksWe were sent a copy of Bud and Roo’s Spectacular Adventures – The Beach by Jessica Valentine and Suzy Jones Biggar. This is a new book about two dogs, Bud and Roo and what they discover. It’s designed as an early reading book, with words that aren’t difficult to work out so you’re building your child’s confidence in reading on their own.

With Bud and Roo’s Spectacular Adventures – The Beach you have a short story with lovely illustrations in simple colours and plenty of things to spot and talk about on each picture. The books are targeted at the 0-5 age range, and I’m hoping fairly soon H may be able to read most of it without too much help.

Bud and Roo’s Spectacular Adventures – The Beach is available now at Amazon (affiliate link) with a rrp of £5.99.

Curious Cat’s Way Out Bunch – Which Endangered Animal Lives in Northern Canada? by Jenny Tulip and Dawn Smith is a new series for us – I discovered these books at the recent Carshalton Environmental Fair and bought a book (and was given this one for free) when we got chatting.

The Curious Cat series are educational, they base the series on animals which are rare, exotic and endangered. The books have facts about the creature’s appearance, habits and environment and it’s left to the child to guess which animal it’s about. H really enjoys identifying the animals, and with her limited reading abilities can work out which is which when faced with a page of them.

Add to that you’ve facts at the end, plus a world map – and with H having dual nationality I need her to understand how big the world is, these books help her learn about other countries and animals. There are no  Australian books available yet, but that could happen in the not-too-distant future! The books are self-published at Green Art Creations and I can see a selection of the books are available at Amazon too.

I like that the book is written in rhyme which makes identifying the animal fun, and there’s plenty to talk about on each page.

Right now these educational books are fitting perfectly into H’s learning to read and discovering more about the world. I’d recommend both, as they have to be fun for the parents to read too – and these definitely are!