A Healthy Me – February

I like February – I wish every month could be like it, as it goes so quickly. It’s a month which feels a bit like a Tuesday or Thursday – kind of non-days? But of course that means the time has crept up and I need to do my monthly update.

Health-wise it was rubbish. I had no time off sick from work, but had really awful aches which stopped me sleeping. Eventually my Osteopath got something going again and I’ve had a week of blissful sleep every night which has been long-overdue. My only explanation is that maybe all those muscles are going where they should be since I got pregnant (which was over five and a half years ago) and something went wrong the first time. That or it’s a c-section issue (funny how these sort of things only seem to happen to women who’ve had them – I’ve met many).

Things have turned a corner anyway. I’m not taking any painkillers any more, still no caffeine since November, just water (and wine at weekends). The post-Christmas ‘eat up all the food we hadn’t touched’ commenced, and I still didn’t put on any weight. So let’s go through each part…

Food. I am still eating apple and pineapple every morning for breakfast, although I’ve started feeling hungrier afterwards so have had the occasional pack of Belvita biscuits to keep me going. Osteo says my drainage around my back looks much better, and I can definitely feel no pain or strain there, it seems to have transferred to the front!!

Swimming/gym. Okay, hands up. I’ve been rubbish. I have been to the gym though, although got so tired again and had a lack of energy that fell by the wayside. My gym must love me, getting their fees for so little time. I’m going to swim next Tuesday when H has her lesson though, I’m determined. I did run for a bus today and wasn’t out of breath, so I’m definitely getting exercise somewhere.

Weight. Still 13 stone 2, not 15 stone 2 as I said last month. Pleased with that as I haven’t gained anything which is a relief.

Cholesterol spots. I haven’t seen any movement in them, but I need to get a photo.

Vitamins – every morning I take a multivitamin and Vitamin D, and I’m definitely feeling better for it.

I need to start thinking about ways to treat the dark shadows under my eyes, but I’m not ready to go on a detox. I’d be interested to find out what has caused it.

March is set to be a fairly quiet month as well which is good – we need it! I’m starting to feel like I’m recharging my batteries, things are improving which is a good thing. I’m feeling positive, plus I’m doing Karin Joyce’s ‘Embrace Happy‘ every day over at her Facebook group – as like Karin says, ‘not every day is good, but there is good in every day’