Jedi Training Academy at Disneyland Paris

Back in August we spent three days at Disneyland Paris. We had clear plans for what we wanted to do every day, and on our last day it was Jedi Training Academy.
Jedi Training Academy Jedi H with lightsaber

Jedi Training Academy is fun – but involves a long wait. Because we were staying at the hotel Santa Fe, I managed to get vouchers to swap for breakfast in the park on our last day. This saved us a lot of time.

H as Rey, Official Disney Rey Costume

We bought H the official Disney Rey Costume – using our discount with DisneyLife. Of all the Rey costumes I liked this one the best – and H really felt the part too. She’s being all moody and thoughtful here. (while waiting to meet Mary Poppins, of all things)

We also had Extra Magic Hours which meant you can enter the park early every day. Between the hours of 8am to 10am you have access to a lot of Disneyland Paris, regular ticket holders are then allowed in from 10am. This meant we could get in line for Jedi Training Academy quite early on which made a big difference.

There is a person who checks you in – and you’re issued with a laminated pass. This means as long as someone stands in line, you have a place. Waiting in line meant Shaun got in place for 9.15 – and Jedi Training Academy booking in starts at 10.45. Be prepared to wait for a long time. H and I went off and did the Buzz Lightyear ride a couple of times while Shaun waited.

Jedi Training Academy Jedi H practicing

Once the doors open, you’re directed to a desk, and your potential Jedi has to answer a few questions. H started well – they asked how old she was, and she replied “fine”. Oops. She had her Rey costume on, so they knew she was a fan. You have to be over 7 to do Jedi Training Academy.

We got a 2pm timeslot which fitted into our plans. You have to turn up 30 minutes before your time to get in some essential pre-show training, as well as get some robes.

Jedi Training Academy H and stage

Then 2pm arrives. Jedi Training Academy begins. A french Obi Wan/Ewan McGregor lookalike Obi Wan introduced proceedings. Sixteen Jedi’s of various ages lined up on stage, including H.

A sidenote; for most of the time with school we’d had tears and worries about speaking out at class assemblies.

Not so with Jedi Training Academy. H strode onto stage with a confidence I had never seen before. She did as she was instructed, coming out on centre stage and had a quick lightsaber battle with Darth Vader. They used the force to make R2D2 rise, and more.

Jedi Training Academy H and certificate

H had the time of her life! Oh, and she got a certificate at the end too. “So now I’m a proper Jedi” she added.

Jedi Training Academy H and Rey

H looked the part, she acted the part, and she had a wonderful time. I would recommend Jedi Training Academy at Disneyland Paris if you have a Star Wars fan. It is available at no extra cost, and the only thing that it costs you is time. Queuing.

Jedi Training Academy info is over here. We bought H the Rey costume, using our DisneyLife discount from the Official Disney Store. If you’ve seen Part 1 of the new Star Wars Go Rogue trailers (which are brilliant), there are more!

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