Haven Littlesea

We’ve just got back from our third Haven break this year, and this time we opted for the camp at Haven Littlesea near Weymouth. Yep, back to Dorset – after our last trip there was cut short with H’s illness, we felt like we still had a lot to explore around the area, and for me it would be revisiting places I haven’t been for almost three decades.

Haven Littlesea faces onto Chesil Beach, so you have a small patch of water where bathing is prohibited. If you’ve seen Chesil Beach you’ll understand how impressive it is, but views of the sea are not something you’re going to get here! Or at least from our caravan, anyway.

Haven Littlesea From Portland

We knew how chilly nights could get after our Devon Cliffs break in May, so when we found an option for a caravan with heating in each room and paid a bit extra for a Prestige Caravan. We weren’t disappointed – it was new, clean although had a horrid stink. We soon worked out it was due to the bin provided – it would appear previous tenants of the space didn’t bother with bin bags, leading to rubbish caked to the bottom of the bin – a quick clean and things were fine.

We had two bedrooms and loads of space – the caravan was heated with double glazing – which looking at the Haven site seems to be something all newer models offer.

The Haven Littlesea site was good – although with this being the final week of the season I felt some of the food we’d had at the Mash and Barrel could have been better – we ate out most nights instead or bought food and cooked it at the caravan.

The FunStars entertainment was fantastic – led by Stuart they were brilliant – H found him hilarious and was happy to sit with the other kids and join in with the games, which meant we could relax and sit away from the stage and enjoy the fact she was happy and not needing us to have fun too! She particularly enjoyed dancing to the Rock N Roll Bingo theme….

Haven Littlesea

Would we go back to Haven Littlesea? Yes. The staff were friendly, the entertainment complex wasn’t far to walk to and there was the obligatory soft play section which H enjoyed. Starbucks was on hand for stronger coffee as well.

Finally, my Haven Essentials list of things you should always take with you when staying there.

Towels – hand, bath, teatowels, paper ones too
Bath mat. You will need one – those bathroom floors are slippy
Cleaning cloths
Washing up liquid
Bin bags (large big black ones)
Soap for washing hands
Toilet rolls

Everything else you can buy from the Spar on-site.

The big question now is will we get to a Haven site next year? Ideally next summer we’ll be heading to Australia to visit the in-laws, but with tickets for the three of us at £3,000 it’s going to be tight!