Heat Holders Snugover

I realise that June may seem a bad time to be writing about clothing which keeps you warm, but actually, this year has been an odd one, with plenty of cold evenings. Fortunately I’ve been kept warm thanks to my Heat Holders Snugover – and very cosy too!

Heat Holders Snugover

The Heat Holders Snugover is a fleecy jumper which has a high neck and pockets, as well as drawstrings for the neck and waist area to keep out cold air. This all helps when it comes to keeping warm!

It has a tog rating of 1.4 which is great when it still gets a bit chilly once the sun sets, and you quite fancy sitting outside with a glass of wine.

So how does it fare? I would say very well! Many an evening I’ve laid on the settee in my pyjamas and been nice and warm – it definitely makes a difference – and helps when you don’t want to cosy up under a rug. The softness is nice too – I just want to curl up in a ball and relax.

I like that the drawstrings are part of the design – I know that I need to keep my stomach muscles warm as when they tense up and get cold that’s when my back problems start – having the Heat Holders Snugover has definitely helped me.

I opted for the XL size, which covers UK size 14-22. I definitely sit towards the lower end of those sizes, and felt there was plenty of space and room – I don’t like things to be too tight.

You can buy the Heat Holders Snugover for £23.99 from their site and also places like Amazon. If you’re looking for a cosy outdoor jumper which is good for evenings when you don’t need a slanket any more, then definitely consider this!

We were sent the Heat Holders Snugover for the purpose of review. All opinions are our own.