Bigoodi – Review

Bigoodi is a new hair and beauty salon in Parsons Green, which opened in May 2012.

After a quick check, it’s also really quite easy for us to get to, so when the opportunity arose to have H’s hair cut in there we jumped at the chance.

As the day drew closer I had a fear, a terrible fear. What if she hates having her hair cut? What if she wont keep still? I was reassured that Mya, the manager and a very experienced hairdresser would be able to cope with it, and it wouldn’t be a problem, so off we went, me still with a little fear of what was to come (which is completely irrational – H is a patient little girl and nothing like my sister who I remember screaming when getting a haircut)!

H's haircut at BigoodiH’s hair is long and thick and fine too – a bit like mine really, and we’ve followed the same kind of hair routine – I’ve cut it, so I knew she needed a tidy up if anything. When Mya checked H’s hair she complemented me on what a good job I’ve done! Also, due to H’s hair being the way it is we’ve picked the best style for her (long) as it draws out the curls in her hair and makes it more manageable (until she can do it herself).

H's haircut at Bigoodi - Charlie and Lola

So it was decided H only needed an inch or so from her hair and a general tidy up. Here’s where things got really cool – she got to sit in a police car, and to help keep the concentration there’s a little tv screen which this morning was showing non-stop Charlie and Lola. This went down extremely well with H who barely acknowledged we existed – while Mya chopped and tidied and made my little munchkin into quite a pretty beautiful little tidy haired one.

H's haircut at Bigoodi

I had a quick nosey around the store as well – there’s some really lovely things you can buy. They’re doing a 50% off sale in clothing at the moment, so I picked up this adorable dress for £21 – which was perfect for our NCT party this weekend.


Bigoodi also stock the Beatrix range of children’s bags which are reasonably priced – AND they’ll be doing Mail Order very soon. There’s loads of things in the store – and from what I could see a lot of local handmade things too (which were all really cute).

Bigoodi also offer pamper parties – though that’s something we’re probably still a couple of years off at the moment – but worth checking out!

Mya did a great cut for H’s hair and was so good with her too – H can be quite shy sometimes but was quite chatty straight away – she was put completely at ease by her.

H's haircut at Bigoodi - final result!

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H behaved like a little angel and received her beautiful haircut free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.